Venetian Pool

2701 DeSoto Boulevard Coral Gables, FL 33134

Phone: 305.460.5356

Type: Sight

In the midst of one of Coral Gables’ residential neighborhoods, hidden behind pastel stucco walls and wrought iron gates, is found one of the most special attractions of this special city – Venetian Pool. Perhaps the only swimming pool anywhere to be included in the National Register of Historic Places. Certainly it is the only swimming pool of its kind with its vine-covered loggias, shady porticos, spanish fountain, three-story observation towers and cascading waterfalls that spill into a free-form lagoon complete with coral rock caves and palm-fringed island. Even now, Venetian Pool would still put a twinkle in George Merrick’s eye, as it did so many years ago. Fed by underground artesian wells, Venetian Pool was once a quarry pit, its only value being limestone it produced for the construction of that time. Through the creative efforts of Merrick’s artist-uncle Denman Fink, and architect Phineas Paist, this eyesore was transformed in 1924 to what was then called Venetian Casino. During its heyday gondolas plied its waters. Esther Williams and Johnny Weismuller of Tarzan fame swam its length. The orchestras of Paul Whitman and Jan Garber serenaded pool side dancers as they swayed beneath the stars on outdoor terrazzo dance floors. Bathing beauties by the hundreds promenaded across specially constructed walkways, while visiting dignitaries passed through the circular aquarium room entry to tour the “world’s most beautiful swimming hole.” They often listened to three-time Democratic presidential nominee William Jennings Bryan deliver speeches for his annual fee of cash and Coral Gables real estate.

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