The Ultimate Guide to Pelican Harbor Marina

Think you’ve already explored all of the best Miami boat ramps around? Think again. There’s more treasure waiting to be discovered. 

Whether you’re looking for a place to dock your boat for a long weekend or want to enjoy an entire season at Biscayne Bay, Pelican Harbor Marina provides easy access to a trove of outdoor activities in Miami. 

Grab your lifejacket and shades because a boatload of fun awaits at this marina, from fishing to birdwatching to… well, we’ll tell you all about it soon. 

Find out where “X marks the spot” (and learn everything else you need to know about Pelican Harbor Marina!) in our ultimate guide below. 

Launching Your Boat from Pelican Harbor Marina

Run by Miami-Dade County and located right on Biscayne Bay, Pelican Harbor Marina is a great starting place to launch a variety of seaside activities. 

From this marina, you can enter the Intracoastal Waterway and enjoy a coastal tour of Florida or head all the way up the eastern U.S. seaboard.

And if you’re looking to get back to nature and enjoy some Miami fishing, grab your fishing pole and fishing license and get busy capturing saltwater fish, including:

  • Tarpon
  • Grouper
  • Swordfish
  • Bonefish 

Of course, anyone who wants to simply relax while boating Miami can enjoy the excellent view. The skyline appears to rise straight from the ocean when you’re out on the Bay — not something you want to miss, whether you’re a Miami local or just visiting. 

Finally, for those who are feeling especially adventurous, take your boat out and access the open ocean through Haulover Inlet or Government Cut. Don’t forget your life jackets! 

Getting to Pelican Harbor Marina (and Where to Park) 

Ready to start that adventure already? Then you’ll need some directions to Pelican Harbor Marina.  

Fortunately, they’re pretty straightforward. Simply take the 79th Street causeway towards North Bay Village. The marina sits right on Biscayne Bay between the shore and the Village. 

If you’d rather use Google maps or another directions app, simply type in the marina’s address: 

1275 NE 79th Street

Miami, FL 33138 

Once you’ve arrived, make sure you have $7 available for weekend parking fees. And should you need to speak to someone in person, you can visit their office at the hours listed below. 

Day of WeekHours
Monday through Sunday8AM – 5PM

But don’t despair! Those hours are just for the office. The Pelican Harbor boat ramp is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can get out on Biscayne Bay whenever your heart desires. 

Understanding Available Amenities at Pelican Harbor Marina

The last thing you want is to dock your boat only to realize your chosen marina doesn’t have the accommodations you need. 

But we don’t think that’ll be a problem for you at Pelican Harbor Marina. 

In addition to the basics like the Pelican Harbor boat ramp, this marina has just about every boating essential you might want. It supports vessels up to 50’ and provides fuel (both non-ethanol gas and diesel), pump out, and freshwater hookups. 

And if you’re coming in from a long seaside adventure, you can freshen up using the restrooms and showers. You’re going to want to wash off all those fish guts after your Miami fishing trip, after all! Pelican Harbor Marina also provides a fishing pier and fish cleaning area where you can prepare your haul for dinner, plus ice for keeping your fish fresh. 

Transient mooring is available at the following prices:

  • Daily transient: $24.20 
  • Monthly transient: $18.16 per day or $582.62 per month 

And if you’re wanting to more permanently house your boat for the season, you can. This marina offers 120 slips so you can easily access your boat when the fancy strikes. 

Visiting Pelican Harbor Seabird Station

A trip to the seaside simply isn’t complete without some birdwatching. But what happens when those birds get injured?

They get sent to the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station, which is located in the same Miami-Dade County park as the Pelican Harbor Marina. Founded in 1980, this rehabilitation center treats thousands of injured creatures (including birds, mammals, and reptiles) each year. 

This Seabird Station accepts new patients 24/7, so if you find an injured creature, don’t hesitate to drop it off. 

In addition to their rehabilitation work, the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station also offers seabird tours along Biscayne Bay for $50/person. So if you’ve been itching to learn more about the brown pelican, now is your chance! 

Adventuring to Pelican Island: a Must-See in Miami

Finally, whether you live in Miami or are just stopping by, Pelican Island is a must-see. Located only 400 yards offshore, this 10-acre island is home to numerous bird species, including its namesake, the pelican. 

In addition to birdwatching, you can enjoy several other recreational activities on the island. Picnic shelters are available for rent if you want to host a birthday party or BBQ. Simply contact the park to reserve a spot at (305)-7540-9330. 

And while you’re barbequing, your kids can take a walk or play volleyball at one of the available sand courts. 

The only way to access this island is by boat. Fortunately, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Pelican Harbor Marina. 

If you want to get a bit closer to the water, enjoy kayaking Miami by taking a tour out to the island.  iPaddle Miami offers both kayaking and paddleboard tours on Biscayne Bay, including a tour out to the island. 


Ready to explore Miami on the water? Fortunately, there’s no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy at the Pelican Harbor Marina. Whether you choose to enjoy this hidden gem for a weekend or an entire season, you’re sure to find a bounty of fun.

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