Miami’s Musical Melting Pot: A Guide to Live Tunes and Tasty Bites

Miami, the vibrant city of sun, sand, and salsa, has long been known for its eclectic nightlife. Beyond the usual thumping beats of the club scene, a symphony of live music awaits those seeking a different rhythm to their evenings. Handpicked by Here are eight establishments across Miami that promise not only delectable dishes but also a soundtrack to accompany your dining experience at these restaurants with live music Miami.

Restaurants With Live Music Miami

If you love to have dinner under a great melody of live music then these restaurants with live music Miami are made for you:

1.Cantina La Veinte



Neighborhood: Brickell
Address: 495 Brickell Ave

Ever been serenaded by a mariachi band with a twist? Cantina La Veinte, nestled in the heart of Brickell, takes Mexican dining to a whole new level. Sparkling lights set the stage for a night filled with emotion, perfectly complemented by the chic menu featuring delights like the Tacos Gobernador. Accompany your feast with a Jalisco Old Fashioned as the mariachi band weaves its magic around these restaurants with live music Miami.

2. Mamey

Neighborhood: Coral Gables
Address: 1350 S Dixie Hwy

Mamey on 3rd, a tropical haven in Coral Gables, offers more than just a culinary experience. Executive Chef Niven Patel curates farm-fresh bites, and the third floor of the THesis Hotel transforms into a music hotspot every Thursday through Sunday. Sip on a Ketel One Vodka Lychee Blossom cocktail as you revel in live tunes, creating the perfect atmosphere for a laid-back evening.

3. Neme Gastro Bar


Neighborhood: Coral Way
Address: 1252 SW 22nd St

Jazz enthusiasts, rejoice! Neme Gastro Bar in Coral Gables has designated every night as jazz night. Immerse yourself in a cozy atmosphere with dim lighting and a fully stocked bar. Arrive early to secure a spot close to the stage, and let the Classic Cosmopolitan be your companion as you lose yourself in the soulful melodies.

4. Cerveceria La Tropical

Neighborhood: Wynwood
Address: 42 NE 25th St

Cerveceria La Tropical in Wynwood combines the love for craft brews with the rhythms of the Caribbean. Social distancing is made stylish in their open-concept space, where you can enjoy Cuban Sandwich Empanadas and Shots Fired Boilermaker Bulleit. Gather your friends for a musical journey featuring Caribbean sounds every Friday and Saturday night at one of best restaurants with live music Miami.

5. Cafe La Trova

Neighborhood: Calle Ocho
Address: 971 SW 8th St

Café La Trova is a nostalgic trip through time, offering live Cuban music every night at 7 PM. Step into the ’80s at the 305 Bar on Fridays and Saturdays at midnight, where small bites like Croquetas de Jamon and Mezcal-marinated fried calamari accompany thoughtfully crafted cocktails. Bring your dancing shoes for a night filled with rhythm and flavor.

6. Tobacco Road by Kush

Neighborhood: Brickell
Address: 69 SW 7th St

Tobacco Road by Kush Hospitality Group is the reincarnation of a Miami classic, offering a blend of pop-up and homage. Live music graces the stage every Sunday to Wednesday, with blues, rock, and rockabilly taking center stage. Let the memories flow as you enjoy the lively atmosphere and a trip down Miami’s musical memory lane.

7. Root & Bone


Neighborhood: South Miami
Address: 5958 S Dixie Hwy

Root & Bone in South Miami is the place to satisfy your comfort food cravings. Indulge in Sticky Pork Belly Bacon and Grandma Daisy’s Angel Biscuits while live progressive jazz and soulful acoustic covers fill the air. Check their events calendar for the latest on live music nights, and let the music elevate your dining experience at one of best restaurants with live music Miami.

8. Oasis

Neighborhood: Wynwood
Address: 2335 N Miami Ave

Oasis in Wynwood offers a casual open-air venue with live bands every Friday and Saturday, slowing down the pace with reggae on Sundays. This colorful locale provides plenty of space, lounge seating, and a stage, creating an atmosphere where anything can happen. Discover New York City eateries like Alidoro and local favorites while enjoying the vibrant musical scene at Oasis.


Resstaurants with live music Miami collide in these carefully selected venues, creating a symphony of flavors and melodies that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Whether you’re a local looking to rediscover your city or a visitor seeking an authentic Miami experience, these establishments promise a feast for the senses. So, put on your dancing shoes and get ready for a night of gastronomic and musical delight in the Magic City.

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