Top Restaurants in Aventura Miami – Culinary Delights Await

The River Seafood & Oyster Bar

When you’re in Aventura, Miami, you’re not just in a city known for shopping and luxury; you’re also in the midst of a vibrant culinary scene with these restaurants in aventura miami. From casual cafes to upscale dining, Aventura offers a treasure trove of flavors and experiences that will surely delight your taste buds. Let’s dive into the top 10 restaurants in Aventura that promise to deliver memorable dining experiences.

Top Restaurants in Aventura Miami

To have best dining experience dine in these restaurants in aventura miami:

800 Degrees Woodfired Kitchen

For a unique woodfired cooking experience, head over to 2956 NE 199th St and indulge in the delicious offerings of 800 Degrees Woodfired Kitchen. From traditional pizzas to woodfire-cooked rotisserie meats, healthy salads, and appetizers, they offer a diverse menu that promises authenticity and delectable flavors. Don’t miss out on their signature chicken wings and Tres Leches bread pudding for dessert at this one of the best restaurants in aventura miami.

  • Location: 2956 NE 199th St, Aventura, FL 33180
  • Good for: Pizza lovers and those seeking woodfire-cooked meals
  • Famous Dish: UD chicken wings and DWade burger
  • Why Visit: With wood-fired rotisserie meats, healthy salads, and wood-fired appetizers, 800 Degrees Woodfired Kitchen promises authentic flavors and a memorable dining experience.


Located at 19501 Biscayne Blvd, CVI.CHE 105 is a twelve-year award-winning Peruvian restaurant that has captivated both locals and visitors. Their creative and fresh ceviches are a must-try, showcasing the authentic flavors of Peru. From traditional dishes to innovative creations CVI.CHE 105 offers an unforgettable culinary experience that celebrates Peruvian gastronomy.

  • Location: 19501 Biscayne Blvd, Aventura, FL 33180
  • Good for: Authentic Peruvian cuisine enthusiasts
  • Famous Dish: Creative and fresh ceviches
  • Why Visit: A twelve-year award-winning Peruvian restaurant, CVI.CHE 105 boasts a vast selection of creative and fresh ceviches and other traditional dishes, offering an unforgettable Peruvian gastronomy experience.

Pubbelly Sushi Aventura

Discover the quirky spin on sushi at 19565 Biscayne Blvd Suite 936 with Pubbelly Sushi Aventura. Known for its adventurous menu, this outpost offers a blend of Japanese and Latin fare. Indulge in their photographer butter krab roll and other unique dishes like tuna pizza, tostones and ceviche, and a truffle yellowtail roll. The restaurant’s coastal vibe and flavorful dishes make it a favorite among Aventuristas.

Mix sushi rolls with ginger wasabi
Mix sushi rolls with ginger wasabi
  • Location: 19565 Biscayne Blvd Suite 936, Aventura, FL 33180
  • Good for: Sushi and Latin fusion enthusiasts
  • Famous Dish: Butter krab roll and tuna pizza
  • Why Visit: Offering a quirky spin on sushi and Latin fare, Pubbelly Sushi is a favorite for adventurous eaters with a taste for unique flavors.


Experience the flavors of Korea at 19501 Biscayne Blvd. K-TOWN offers Korean to-go meals and a variety of bubble teas that are sure to satisfy your cravings. Don’t miss their famous Tiger’s Milk Bubble Tea and bulgogi beef tacos. The mix of traditional and contemporary Korean dishes will leave you wanting more.

  • Location: 19501 Biscayne Blvd Aventura, FL 33180
  • Good for: Korean food lovers and bubble tea enthusiasts
  • Famous Dish: Tiger’s Milk Bubble Tea and bulgogi beef tacos
  • Why Visit: K-TOWN offers delicious Korean to-go meals and a variety of bubble tea flavors, making it a staple for those seeking Korean culinary delights.


Indulge in upscale street food with a coastal vibe at 2906 NE 207th St Ste 104, Bartaco. This popular taco bar offers an array of tacos, from Baja fish to roasted duck and ribeye. Their diverse menu also includes refreshing drinks and cocktails. The relaxed beach resort atmosphere adds to the overall experience, making it one of the best restaurants in Aventura Miami.

  • Location: 2906 NE 207th St Ste 104 Aventura, FL 33180
  • Good for: Taco and beach culture enthusiasts
  • Famous Dish: Assortment of tacos, including Baja fish and ribeye
  • Why Visit: Bartaco evokes a stylish beach resort vibe, offering a range of delectable tacos and refreshing drinks, perfect for a laid-back dining experience.

Casa D’Angelo

Step into the world of fine Italian dining at 2906 NE 207th St. Casa D’Angelo, led by celebrated chef Angelo Elia, offers traditional Italian family recipes that are a delight for the senses. Indulge in crispy zucchini flowers, beef carpaccio, and veal and ricotta ravioli. The restaurant’s charm and special lunch offers make it a go-to choice.

  • Location: 2906 NE 207th St, Aventura, FL 33180
  • Good for: Italian fine dining aficionados
  • Famous Dish: Veal and ricotta ravioli, beef carpaccio
  • Why Visit: Casa D’Angelo is renowned for its traditional Italian family recipes, offering a fine-dining experience that’s rich in flavors and elegance.

Bourbon Steak Miami by Michael Mina

Enjoy classic American steakhouse dishes at 19999 W Country Club Dr inside the JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa. Bourbon Steak Miami, helmed by celebrity chef Michael Mina, offers a luxurious experience with hand-cut steak tartare, truffle mac and cheese, and wood-burning grill dishes. The extensive wine selection and chic lounge create a memorable dining environment at this one of the best restaurants in aventura miami.

  • Location: 19999 W Country Club Dr, Aventura, FL 33180
  • Good for: Steak and classic American cuisine lovers
  • Famous Dish: Hand-cut steak tartare, Maine lobster pot pie
  • Why Visit: Celebrity chef Michael Mina’s steakhouse delivers classic American flavors with an upscale twist, promising a memorable dining journey.

Estiatorio Ornos a Michael Mina Restaurant Miami

Experience Greek cuisine with a modern twist at 19565 Biscayne Blvd Ste 946, Estiatorio Ornos. This Greek restaurant inside Aventura Mall offers dishes like moussaka with wild mushroom ragout and phyllo-crusted sole with caviar sauce. Their commitment to sourcing high-quality ingredients ensures a flavorful and authentic dining experience.

  • Location: 19565 Biscayne Blvd Ste 946, Aventura, FL 33180
  • Good for: Greek cuisine and seafood enthusiasts
  • Famous Dish: Moussaka with wild mushroom ragout, phyllo-crusted sole
  • Why Visit: Estiatorio Ornos offers a taste of Greece with a modern twist, curated by the renowned chef Michael Mina.

Motek Aventura – Mediterranean Cafe & Restaurant

Located inside the JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa, Corsair kitchen & bar offers a variety of American classics. Indulge in New England lobster rolls, French dip sandwiches, and their famous Sunday buffet brunch, “The 52 Brunch Beyond Limits.” The reinvented brunch menu and made-to-order dishes are a treat for brunch enthusiasts.

  • Location: 19565 Biscayne Blvd #938, Aventura, FL 33180
  • Good for: Mediterranean and kosher-style food lovers
  • Famous Dish: Arayes Burger, Mediterranean sampler plate
  • Why Visit: Motek brings a boho-chic atmosphere and a variety of Mediterranean dishes, including the award-winning Arayes Burger.


Experience the allure of a celebrity-favorite Italian eatery at Aventura Mall. Serafina offers mouthwatering Italian dishes, including homemade pastas, entrées, and their legendary Tartufo Nero Pizza. The lively indoor-outdoor ambiance, complete with neon-lit angel wings, creates a vibrant atmosphere perfect for sharing memorable moments at this one of the best restaurants in aventura miami.

  • Location: Aventura Mall (Specific address not provided)
  • Good for: Italian cuisine and celebrity-spotting
  • Famous Dish: Cacio e Pepe, Tartufo Nero Pizza
  • Why Visit: Serafina offers a sexy Italian dining experience, featuring celebrity-favorite dishes like Cacio e Pepe and the legendary Tartufo Nero Pizza.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the best restaurants in Aventura, Miami?

The top 10 restaurants in Aventura include CVI.CHE 105, 800 Degrees Woodfired Kitchen, Pubbelly Sushi Aventura, K-TOWN, Bartaco, Casa D’Angelo, Bourbon Steak Miami by Michael Mina, Estiatorio Ornos, Motek Aventura, and Serafina.

What cuisines can I find in Aventura’s restaurants?

Aventura’s restaurants offer a diverse range of cuisines, including Peruvian, Italian, Korean, Mediterranean, Greek, steakhouse, sushi, and more.

Are these restaurants suitable for special occasions?

Yes, many of these restaurants offer upscale and fine-dining experiences, making them ideal for special occasions or memorable meals.

Do these restaurants offer takeout and delivery options?

Yes, most of these restaurants provide takeout, delivery, and sometimes curbside pickup services.

What’s the vibe like at these restaurants?

Each restaurant has its own unique ambiance, ranging from beachy and casual to upscale and elegant, ensuring there’s something for every mood and occasion.

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