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Discover the hidden culinary gems of Key Biscayne, FL – a tropical paradise nestled just off the coast of Miami. With crystal-clear waters and lush landscapes as its backdrop, this charming town boasts a rich dining scene that caters to diverse palates. From elegant waterfront eateries to cozy neighborhood joints, Restaurant in key biscayne offers a feast for the senses. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast, a fan of international flavors, or seeking a cozy brunch spot, this guide will help you uncover the top 10 restaurant in key biscayne that capture the essence of this island paradise.

Best Restaurant in Key Biscayne

Dine in these restaurant in key biscayne to have a memorable dining experience:

1. Artisan Kitchen & Bar

Located in the heart of Key Biscayne, Artisan Kitchen & Bar invites you to indulge in contemporary flavors with an artistic touch. This local favorite radiates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for any time of day. From Taco Tuesday to Sunday brunch, this restaurant in key biscayne offers made-from-scratch dishes using the freshest ingredients. Whether you’re craving Venezuelan tapas or a hearty brunch plate, Artisan Kitchen & Bar guarantees a memorable dining experience.

Location: Heart of Key Biscayne

Good for: Casual gatherings, live music, brunch

Famous Dish: Venezuelan tapas, Sunday brunch specials

Why visit: Artistic ambiance, fresh ingredients, diverse menu Cuisine: Contemporary

2. Costa Med Bistro + Wine

Embark on a Mediterranean culinary journey at Costa Med Bistro + Wine. Just a short distance north of town, this vibrant restaurant in key biscayne offers a selection of homemade pasta, seafood, lamb, and an extensive wine list. Enjoy the charming atmosphere and impeccable service as you savor dishes prepared with care and expertise. The cheese plate and wine pairings are a must-try, and the serene surroundings add to the overall experience.

Location: North of Key Biscayne

Good for: Mediterranean cuisine, wine pairings, romantic dining

Famous Dish: Homemade pasta, seafood delights

Why visit: Mediterranean ambiance, diverse wine selection Cuisine: Mediterranean

3. Milanezza Kitchen Bar Market

Step into a captivating world of Italian and Argentine flavors at Milanezza Kitchen Bar Market. This artsy and retro-inspired eatery serves up a delightful array of dishes, from Italian Croquettes to Argentine Parillada. The eclectic menu satisfies a variety of tastes, making it a perfect spot for a family lunch or a late-night dinner. Don’t miss exploring their fresh market for unique ingredients to recreate your favorite dishes at home.

Location: Retro-inspired setting

Good for: Italian and Argentine cuisine, family dining

Famous Dish: Parillada Argentina, Beef Carpaccio

Why visit: Artsy atmosphere, diverse menu, fresh market Cuisine: Italian and Argentine

4. Lightkeepers

Experience coastal cuisine at its finest at Lightkeepers, an upscale restaurant located in the Ritz-Carlton hotel. With breathtaking ocean views, this culinary haven offers freshly caught seafood, expertly prepared meats, and thoughtfully crafted cocktails. Named after the Cape Florida Lighthouse, Lightkeepers provides both indoor and outdoor seating options, each with its unique charm. Indulge in dishes like Lemongrass Mussels and Caribbean Lobster, all while gazing at the crashing waves.

Crab and Lobster Restaurants

Location: Ritz-Carlton hotel

Good for: Oceanfront dining, upscale experience, seafood

Famous Dish: Lemongrass Mussels, Caribbean Lobster

Why visit: Spectacular ocean views, expertly crafted cocktails Cuisine: Coastal

5. DUNE Burgers

For a laid-back beachfront experience, DUNE Burgers offers a perfect blend of relaxation and gourmet indulgence. Situated within the Ritz-Carlton hotel, this stylish lounge serves mouthwatering gourmet burgers alongside stunning waterfront views. Whether you’re lounging by the adult pool or enjoying live DJs during the weekly lounge parties, DUNE Burgers ensures a memorable dining adventure.

Location: Ritz-Carlton hotel

Good for: Beachfront dining, gourmet burgers, live entertainment

Famous Dish: Gourmet burgers, craft cocktails

Why visit: Beachfront setting, lively ambiance, gourmet options Cuisine: American

6. Cantina Beach

Transport yourself to the vibrant beaches of Mexico at Cantina Beach, nestled within the Ritz-Carlton hotel. This palapa-roofed restaurant in key biscayne offers a colorful and inviting atmosphere, perfect for savoring Mexican classics like Tacos and Pescado a La Plancha. With an extensive selection of 100 percent Agave tequila, you can enjoy your meal with expertly crafted cocktails that complement the flavors.

Location: Ritz-Carlton hotel

Good for: Mexican cuisine, beachfront dining, tequila tastings

Famous Dish: Tacos, Pescado a La Plancha

Why visit: Beachside ambiance, authentic Mexican dishes Cuisine: Mexican

7. Ristorante Forchetta

Discover the charm of Italian cuisine at Ristorante Forchetta, a family-owned gem in the northern part of town. With patio seating and a contemporary ambiance, this restaurant in key biscayne offers a delightful fusion of Italian vineyard aesthetics and tropical oasis vibes. Indulge in traditional Italian dishes, fresh-caught fish, and tender meats, all while enjoying the soothing surroundings.

Location: Northern Key Biscayne

Good for: Italian dining, cozy ambiance, family-friendly

Famous Dish: Gnocchi, Fresh-caught fish

Why visit: Charming patio, Italian-inspired setting Cuisine: Italian

8. Sake Room

Satisfy your sushi cravings at Sake Room, where beautifully crafted sushi rolls and Japanese fusion dishes take center stage. The contemporary setting, adorned with bamboo shades, offers a serene backdrop for indulging in colorful and unique sushi creations. From sushi rolls to soups and salads, every dish is thoughtfully prepared with a creative twist.

Location: Northern Key Biscayne

Good for: Sushi lovers, Japanese fusion cuisine

Famous Dish: Colorful sushi rolls, Japanese fusion creations

Why visit: Artistic sushi presentations, serene ambiance Cuisine: Japanese

9. Novecento Key Biscayne

Embrace the diverse flavors of Novecento Key Biscayne, a local favorite known for its blend of Argentinian and Italian influences. The restaurant in key biscayne combines red booths with a sports bar vibe, creating a relaxed yet elevated setting. Indulge in dishes like Tequenos, Mollejitas, and Curry, offering a harmonious blend of flavors and cultures.

Location: Southern Key Biscayne

Good for: Argentinian and Italian fusion, sports bar atmosphere

Famous Dish: Tequenos, Curry, Argentinian classics

Why visit: Eclectic ambiance, diverse menu Cuisine: Argentinian and Italian fusion

10. Sir Pizza

For a taste of classic pizza perfection, head to Sir Pizza, a local gem rated as the best pizza joint in Key Biscayne. With a tradition spanning decades, this cozy spot offers square-cut thin-crust pies loaded with abundant toppings. Whether you’re dining in or taking out, Sir Pizza promises a fulfilling experience for pizza enthusiasts of all ages.

Location: Heart of Key Biscayne

Good for: Classic pizza, family dining, takeout

Famous Dish: Square-cut thin-crust pies, abundant toppings

Why visit: Cozy atmosphere, time-tested tradition

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