Artistic Tapestry: Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami

Nestled in the heart of North Miami, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) stands as a testament to the city’s vibrant cultural scene. Renowned for its thought-provoking exhibitions and commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, MOCA offers a diverse array of programs that cater to art enthusiasts of all ages.

Exhibitions and Collections:

North Miami

MOCA showcases 8 to 10 installations annually, featuring a dynamic range of contemporary artworks that challenge conventional norms. The museum boasts a permanent collection housing over 400 pieces from globally celebrated artists like Keith Haring. Additionally, this collection has toured prestigious institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Tate Modern in London, and the Contemporary Museum of Art in Barcelona.

Programs and Events:

The museum engages the community through various programs, including the enchanting “MOCA by Moonlight” every Wednesday evening. Additionally, Visitors can partake in lectures, artist forums, and hands-on art classes that foster a deeper connection with the exhibited artworks.

Families are invited to participate in “Moca Minimakers” on the first Saturday of each month, offering a unique opportunity for children and parents to explore the exhibits together. Additionally, “Sunday Storytelling” on the first Sunday of the month combines art appreciation with early childhood projects, making it an enriching experience for young minds.

In addition, music enthusiasts, MOCA hosts the “Jazz at MOCA” concert series every last Friday of the month, transforming the museum plaza into a vibrant outdoor jazz venue at Museum of Contemporary Art.

Educational Initiatives:

MOCA is committed to nurturing young talents through Winter and Summer Art Camps for children. Additionally, These camps provide hands-on experiences where children can learn about diverse art forms and techniques at Museum of Contemporary Art.

Event Spaces:


Beyond its galleries, MOCA offers versatile event spaces like the Paradise Courtyard, providing a picturesque backdrop for gatherings. Additionally, With a total area of 40×156 feet, the courtyard can accommodate up to 800 people for receptions, making it an ideal venue for various occasions.

Upcoming Events:

  1. Juan Francisco Elso: Por América: Explore the impactful career of the late Juan Francisco Elso, a pioneer in the first generation of contemporary artists.
  2. Art on the Plaza: Chris Friday’s Narcissist: Immerse yourself in Chris Friday’s large-scale, free-standing metal figure, Narcissist, as part of MOCA’s Art on the Plaza series.
  3. Miami Art Week Reception at MOCA: Join the public reception during Miami Art Week on December 5, featuring an eclectic celebration of contemporary art.


The Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, stands as a beacon of artistic innovation, inviting visitors to engage with the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary art. Additionally, its diverse exhibitions, educational programs, and community initiatives, MOCA cements its position as a cultural hub, enriching the lives of residents and visitors alike.

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