Thrills: Miami’s Premier Skateboarding Parks

Miami, a city basking in perpetual sunshine, emerges as a haven for skateboard enthusiasts. With a recent surge in Miami skate park development, the city’s skate culture is thriving, inviting skaters to revel in the joy of their sport. In this comprehensive guide, we unveil the top skateboarding parks in Miami, each with its unique features and attractions.

Skateboard Supercross Academy SBSX Pumptrack

Skateboard Supercross Academy stands as a testament to precision and skill development. Offering lessons in both skateboarding and longboarding, this by-appointment-only academy provides an exclusive space for enthusiasts to refine their techniques. Renowned instructor Sarah leads the way, ensuring unparalleled professionalism and a one-of-a-kind pump track experience. This is undeniably one of Miami’s premier skateboarding destinations.

miami skate park

Westwind Lakes Skate Park

A legendary 10,000 square feet of concrete bliss, Westwind Lakes Skate Park echoes with the echoes of Tony Hawk’s 2011 tour. Quarter pipes, wall rides, launch ramps, and hubbas grace this park, making it a mecca for skateboard aficionados. With a mere $2 entrance fee, it’s an affordable escape into the heart of skateboarding paradise.

Lot 11

Nestled under I-95, Lot 11 emerges as Miami’s newest skateboarding wonder. Conceptualized by Skate Free, this urban park transcends barriers, welcoming skaters of all abilities. With inspiration drawn from the skateboard mecca, L.A., Lot 11 breathes new life into Miami’s skateboarding community. An unprecedented park that beckons skaters to its vibrant terrain.

North Beach Public Skate Park

A gem added to Miami’s landscape in 2018, North Beach Public Miami Skate Park combines scenic beauty with skateboarding thrills. Set against the backdrop of the beach, this park offers quality ramps and ample concrete for skaters to showcase their skills. A perfect spot for a day of skating, although limited shade calls for sun protection preparation.

Skate Park and Pump Track at Haulover Beach

Haulover Beach introduces a Miami skate park that is a testament to community spirit. With 7,500 square feet of skateboarding joy, this park was made possible by the collective effort of five communities. Featuring areas for grinds, ollies, nollies, kickflips, and heelflips, Haulover Beach invites skateboarders and bicyclists to revel in its expansive delights.

Kendall Indians Hammock Skate Park

Situated within Indian Hammocks Park, Kendall Indians Hammock Miami Skate Park boasts 14,000 square feet of outdoor play space. This haven for skateboarders, bikers, inline skaters, and scooters has played a pivotal role in shaping Miami’s skate scene. Amidst the greenery, skaters can enjoy disc golf, BBQ pits, walking paths, and the expansive 116 acres of nature that surround this skateboarding oasis.

Kendall Indians Hammock Skate Park

Bamford Sports Complex Skateboard Park

Bamford Sports Complex is not just a Miami skate park; it’s a hub of recreational activities. From an aquatic center and baseball diamond to an indoor gymnasium and picnic area, this complex offers diverse entertainment. While skating takes the spotlight with various jumps and ramps, it’s worth noting that Bamford Sports Complex is located in Davie, a 30-minute drive from Miami’s center.

South Dade Skating Park

Ideal for beginner to intermediate skaters, South Dade Skating Park stands as a testament to accessibility. Open every day, this park welcomes riders to enjoy skateboarding without the need for helmets or knee pads, albeit at their own risk. With its popularity, the park is open for rentals on weekends, limiting all-access skating to weekdays.

Ramp 48 Skate Park

Ramp 48, a key mission point for Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, combines spirituality with the thrill of skateboarding. Beyond potential church outreach, this park offers an outdoor street course, bowl, halfpipe, and vert ramp. A positive space for skaters to hit the concrete, Ramp 48 is an asset to the area’s skateboarding community.

miami skate park

Country Village Park

Country Village Miami Skate Park, an outdoor haven spanning 9,000 square feet, beckons skateboarders, BMX riders, and scooters. From beginners to experts, this newly added park challenges abilities in a free and welcoming environment. With operational hours tailored for afternoon delights, this park in the Northwest part of the city is a moderate trek worth taking.


Miami’s skateboarding scene is experiencing unprecedented growth, providing skaters with an array of options to explore and enjoy. From the newly opened gems to the established favorites, this list promises an exhilarating journey for skateboard enthusiasts in South Florida. Embark on this skateboarding odyssey, and let the wheels of inspiration propel you to new heights!

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