Miami Amusement Parks: Where Memories and Thrills Await

When you think about Miami you think of its beautiful beaches, Nightlife, Restaurants and more. But there are lots of other things to do in Miami. There are numerous adventurous places to visit with your family and one of them is Amusement Parks. So, for your next family outing, Miami’s amusement parks should be your first priority. You will have a lot of things to do in Miami Amusement Parks.

If you are looking for the ideal location in Miami to have fun with your family? Rest assured that we have your back. An amusement water park is one of the few places that may provide you with relief from the blazing sun and high temperatures if you reside in this party capital of the world.  Miami amusement parks are cost-effective, easily accessible from any area, family-friendly, less crowded and close to many kid-friendly restaurants. 

Top 5 Miami Amusement Park 

Want to have a great time with your family, here is the list of the top 5 Amusement parks in Miami:

Jungle Island 

Jungle Island is located a short distance from Miami Beach. This amusement park has a water park, rare animals, obstacle courses and many more attractions. It is worthwhile doing a day trip because of the stunning view of Downtown Miami. The water park at Jungle Island, Parrot Cove Beach, adds up some more services like zip lines, inflatable water slides and an outdoor wind tunnel.

Miami Amusement Park

There are lots of animal species to look at in this amusement park like lemurs, sloths, kangaroos and tortoises. You will have a look at some of the rare wildlife. You can literally spend hours touring the area while looking at 1000 different varieties of parrots, a petting zoo, and 900 lb. liger (a lion-tiger hybrid! ) and more.

One of Miami’s oldest tourist destinations, it has stood the test of time. After the park is renovated, it includes a free-light wind subway that will launch you above the Miami skyline. It is truly a unique experience not to be missed to stand as it is situated on 20 acres of tropical scenery of Miami. 

K1 Speed

This park is ideal if you like to spend your time indoors, especially if you enjoy indoor karting. This indoor amusement park has introduced a brand-new karting game that provides players with a unique racing experience. The karts are electrical, there are no noisy or pungent gases or lubricants. 

The machines are constructed with the preservation of the environment in mind and they race on a brand-new, expertly designed-racetrack made of glass for smooth movement.

Anyone in the Miami area, including South Beach, Medley, Miami Beach and Palm Beach can experience the best karting available thanks to our convenient location, which is only five miles from Trump National Doral Miami and 10 miles from Miami International Airport.

Tidal Cove Water Park 

Tidal Cove Water Park in Miami offers a variety of water slides, including the Aqua Drop trapdoor fall, the Master Blaster uphill water coaster and a variety of tube and mat slides. FlowRider is a surf simulator that they also have and because it produces three tides instead of the usual one, as the name implies, the surf simulator differs from other wave simulation pools. The other activities here include Two pools, a lazy river, cabana rentals and a Kids’ Cove.

Miami Amusement Park

You can unwind at the spa after your day of adventures. Two five-star restaurants, a gift store and other amenities are also present at the theme park. This is a new Miami amusement park and every feature that would appeal to children and teenagers of all ages is included.

Rapids Water Park

The Rapids Water Park has a ton of enjoyable activities that the whole family can take part in. You may cool off in the winding lazy river, slide down the waterslides or splash around in the surf pool. There are an absurd 35 different water slides to choose from in the park, so your fun won’t run out while you’re there.

If you’re looking for some action then check out the Pirate Plunge, a thrill ride with a 7-story drop. Everyone can enjoy the park, including single people, couples and families. Youngsters can have fun in Splish Splash Lagoon or Barefootin Bay. After your activities are over, reward yourself with a meal at one of the restaurants, ice cream shops or snack bars on the premises.

Paradise Cove Water Park

The park’s “Paradise Cove” water park is located on 299 acres and is open seasonally. It has two water playgrounds, one of which is specifically for children under the age of 5, four waterslides that are five stories tall and Crazy Creek, a 410-foot-long, meandering tube ride.

Miami Amusement Park

The rides are pumped with 400 gallons of water per minute, which allows you to easily glide through them before being dropped into a 4-foot plunge pool, making Paradise Cove Water Park the best gliding Miami amusement park. If you have a phobia of height then there is no problem you can swim at Sharky’s Lagoon pool. They have a separate 12-inch pool and two slides for children.


To sum up, we can say Miami is a place to enjoy and have quality time. You will find a number of indoor and outdoor Miami amusement parks. Having fun the whole day there is no need to worry about food. Most amusement parks provide restaurants, food stalls and dining services. From indoor karting to outdoor gliding experience you will have time to remember at Miami amusement park.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any amusement parks in Miami?

There are a lot of indoor and outdoor Miami amusement parks:

  • Jungle Island 
  • Paradise Cove Water Park
  • Tidal Cove Water Park 
  • K1 Speed
  • Everglades Safari Park 

Does Miami have Six Flags?

The closest Six Flags to this area is in Austell, Georgia and there aren’t any Six Flags now in Miami. Everglades Safari Park, Fun Dimension and Grapeland Water Park are just a few of the fantastic theme parks and water parks around Miami.

How far away from Miami is Disney?

Disney World in Orlando is located 230 miles from Miami. This journey takes about three hours and twenty minutes to drive.

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