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Little Havana is an aptly named neighborhood in Miami where many Cuban exiles have made their home in addition to immigrants from South and Central America. Named after the capital city of Cuba, Little Havana in Miami is a center of cultural, social, and political activity in Miami.

If you are planning on visiting Miami, you will definitely want to plan to spend a day in the vibrant community of Little Havana where you will be steeped in an environment filled with incredible architecture, history, music, art, and culture. You should travel to Little Havana hungry, as you won’t want to miss out on the wide array of Cuban and Latin eateries here!

The Little Havana Visitors Center is the perfect place to begin your day of exploring this Miami neighborhood. Let’s take a look at all the info you need about the tourist center in Little Havana.

Where Is the Little Havana Visitors Center?

Little Havana is the most famous Cuban exile neighborhood on the planet. Located directly to the west of downtown Miami and covering twenty-five acres, this community is characterized by its restaurants, music, street life, and the general warmth among locals here.

The Little Havana Visitor Center is located right in the heart of Little Havana. Situated between Domino Park and McDonald’s on Calle Ocho (Southwest 8th Street,) locals and visitors alike can utilize this resource for information about everything going on in Little Havana and nearby multicultural neighborhoods in the Greater Miami area.

Here is a Map of the Little Havana Visitors Center!

Why Should You Visit the Little Havana Welcome Center?

The welcome center is a Little Havana tourist center where you can find a wide range of brochures that highlight the major points of interest and attractions in Little Havana. You’ll also be able to find information on tours, event calendars, maps, and lots of special offerings at any time of year.

On top of that, the Little Havana Miami Visitor Center is a great place to learn more about the history of this neighborhood and Cuban culture in general.

The standard hours of operation for the Little Havana Visitors Center is between 10 am and 6 pm Monday through Saturday and 10 am to 4 pm on Sunday. However, the hours can vary a bit so it’s not a bad idea to call before you make the trip there.

The visitor center in Little Havana is also a great place to buy souvenirs to commemorate your time spent in this lively, Cuban neighborhood. Also for sale are cigars, Cuban coffee, and even mojitos.

What Is There To Do in Little Havana?

One of the best ways to get a sense of life in Little Havana is to join a Little Havana walking tour. This way, you can see the neighborhood while well-informed experts take you to all of the important points of interest that have made Little Havana the cultural and political hub that it is today. While on the tour, you’ll be able to see hidden gems that are hard to find on your own, fascinating landmarks, and sample tastes of some Cuban culinary delights.

Here are 3 very popular Walking Tours of Little Havana!

Little Havana Small-Group Walking Tour

Book Now because “Authenticity Matters”. This is “The Little Havana Tour

Little Havana Food and Walking Tour in Miami

If you’re looking for the top spots for taking photos in Little Havana, you’ll want to explore Calle Ocho, the street where the Havana Visitors Center is located. There are colorfully painted rooster sculptures here along with bright murals that highlight the Cuban culture that defines Little Havana. There is also a “walk of fame” in Little Havana where you can see the names of Latin superstars such as Celia Cruz and Gloria Estefan.

Visit the Cuban Memorial Boulevard if you’re hoping to gain some insight into Cuban history while you’re in town. There are statues and monuments of Cuban heroes here along with a memorial that has an infinitely lit flame. Largely referring to the Bay of Pigs invasion, this memorial area focuses on one of the major events in 20th century U.S. and Cuban history.

The authentic Cuban food in Little Havana is one of the biggest draws to this Latin neighborhood in Miami. You can grab savory pastries, warm croquetas, and Cuban coffee from one of the countless walk-up windows known as ventanitas. Consider visiting one of the most iconic spots in Little Havana, Versailles Restaurant, which has been servicing Cuban food and coffee since the early ‘70s.

Another staple in the Little Havana food scene is Los Pinareños Fruteria. This fresh fruit and juice market is family-run and has been in operation since the ‘60s.

Enjoy a Food Tour of Little Havana including the famous Los Pinareños Fruteria!

Little Havana Food Tour 

If you feel completely overwhelmed by the options when it comes to eating and drinking in this dynamic neighborhood, consider booking a walking food tour. This way, you can tour the city with in-the-know guides that will give you an insider look at the city while also stopping for incredible bites to eat along the way.

There are also many options when it comes to art and culture in Little Havana. Some of the top spots to experience the boundless creative expression of this spirited Miami neighborhood include Futurama and Cubaocho. You can also catch one of the Latin American movies hosted by the Tower Theater or shop for costumes at La Casa de Los Trucos.

Start Your Little Havana Visit Off Right With a Stop at the Little Havana Visitors Center

The Little Havana Visitors Center in Miami is the best place to get your trip to Little Havana off on the right foot. Located right in the heart of the neighborhood on the energetic Calle Ocho, this welcome center in Little Havana is both a great place to get information about the area as well as to grab a coffee and some souvenirs.

This tourist center in Little Havana sells everything from t-shirts and mugs to magnets and miniaturized roosters. As an added plus, all visitors receive a free shot of Cuban coffee when you stop by!

Are you looking for more information to help guide your trip to Miami? Be sure to check out the rest of our blog for everything there is to see and do in beautiful Magic City!

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