Lion Country Safari Park

Lion Country Safari Park

Lion Country Safari Park is a drive-through safari park. It was founded in 1966. Lion Country Safari park is situated in Loxahatchee, in Palm Beach country, Florida.

Lion Country Safari is still considered one of the best attractions of South Florida!

Safari Park occupies about 600 acres of the natural area.

The best thing about Lion Country Safari is that large herds of animals roam free. All the while, you are safely in your car. When you visit Lion Country Safari, plan on spending about 4-6 hours to fully enjoy Lion Country Safari. 

Lion Country Address

2003 Lion Country Safari Road, Loxahatchee, Florida 33470

Telephone: (561) 793-1084

The Lion Country Safari Map

Safari Animals in the park

The Lion Country Safari has Over 950 WILD animals. Including lions, Wildebeest, and don’t forget the giraffes. Also the largest herd of zebras on record in North America! Here you will see, ostrich, chimpanzees, and rhinos. They all call Lion Country Safari home and roam the wide-open park.

The Lion Country Safari comprises the following 7 main habitats.


Animals in LAS PAMPAS are Aldabra Tortoise, Alpaca, Brazilian Tapir, Brown Pelican, Greater Rhea.


Popular animals in RUAHA NATIONAL PARK include Impala, and the Greater Kudu. Don’t forget this area has the Ostrich too. Always a favorite for the kids.


The animals featured here are Gemsbok, Nile lechwe, Eastern Bongo, Ostrich,

Waterbuck and Wildebeest.


This area includes the Asiatic Water Buffalo, Blackbuck, Lowland Nyala, Nilgai, and the Scimitar-

horned Oryx.


This habitat is especially for African lions.


This habitat contains Common Eland, Common waterbuck, Impala, Ostrich, and the Watusi.


This habitat contains Chimpanzee, Giraffe, Greater Kudu, Jackson’s Hartebeest, Plains zebra,

Southern White rhinoceros, White Handed Gibbon, and Wildebeest.

Monkey Jungle Miami is a great place to find monkeys too!

Lion Country Safari Tickets

You can purchase Lion Country Safari Tickets either online or at the gate. Short on time? You should buy tickets online, which provides speedy and contact-free admission.

The ticket price at the park is $24.30 per person plus tax. This is pricing after 3:00 pm on weekdays and after 3:30 pm on weekends.

Book your Lion Country Safari tickets online here: 

Ticket booths are open daily, 9:30 am – 4:30 pm.

Your Lion Country Safari ticket will be valid for admission during this time. Keep in mind, you have to purchase a ticket for everybody 3 years old and up.

Children are considered ages 3 – 9 

Over 9 years old must purchase a regular ticket. 

Ages 2 and under: Free.

Finally, truck beds should be empty for safety. Pets and soft-topped vehicles like Jeeps are prohibited in the drive-through Safari.

Lion Country Safari KOA (Campgrounds of America)

Lion Country Safari’s KOA campground is next to the 320 acre drive-through the park. World-famous Lion Safari introduced a modern KOA campground. Concerned about what it would be like to camp on Safari? Don’t worry about a thing!

Lion Country Safari can provide everything you need. Including, large tents that sleep 4, thick camping mattresses, bedding, and chairs. 

RV sites too are available, with full hookups. Showers are available. Perks include laundry, a heated pool, WIFI, and a playground. Don’t forget, fine dining, shopping, and beaches are nearby. Without doubt, camping at KOA provides you with many adventures.

Keep in mind, the roar of a lion might wake you up! 1000 wild animals can provide interesting night sounds so listen closely.

Lion Country Safari Audio Tour

In conclusion, the Lion Country Safari Audio Tour is available. Make your tour special by playing the Lion Country Safari Audio Tour from the following link.

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