Top Italian Restaurants in Miami : Savor Authentic Cuisine

Miami is known as “The Magic City” and is a major tourist attraction in the USA. In this metropolis city, you will find people of different cultures. Home to tourists, many people visit its beautiful beaches, museums, and parks. With Miami’s local food, the city also features various international cuisines. 

With many different cultural restaurants and will find the best Italian restaurants in Miami. What else can be better than having Italian-style lasagna,  pasta, and Milanese with a beautiful view of Miami beaches? So, if you are looking for the Best Italian restaurant in Miami, then this article is a must read for you. 

Top 7 Best Italian Restaurants in Miami

To have a wonderful Italian dining experience, here is the list of the top 5 best Italian restaurants in Miami:

Lombardi’s Miami 

Located near Bayfront Park, Lombardi Miami is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Miami, many people visit this restaurant after the bayfront park tour.  Their staff and all the waiters are super friendly. In the evening, there is a live performance of musicians making the environment more pleasant.

Italian Restaurants in Miami

They serve delicious Italian cruises like Beefsteak, lasagna, and calamari to their guests. For starters, they serve bread with butter which is well-liked by their visitors. You can also have a taste of Cannolis, Tiramisu, and good Che.

They serve great wines like white wine, marsala, or sangria. 

Prime Italian

Located in the South of Fifth neighborhood in South Beach, Prime Italian serves delicious Italian meals, in their lavish environment. Together with the well-prepared traditional Italian meal, Frank Sinatra plays on the speakers to enhance the beauty of the magical environment of this restaurant. Prime Italian is close to the beach and offers a fantastic ocean to guests. You can enjoy your meal with beautiful seashores.

Modern Italian cuisine naturally combined with steakhouse classics is the focus of Prime Italian. Their diverse Menu offers lobster Oscar, caviar, oysters, salads, coal-oven pizzas, baked clams, soups, pasta, and shrimp. For big deals, there are Kobe Lasagna Bolognese, Rigatoni Alla Carbonara, dry-aged steaks, and Chicken Parmesan you should consider trying.


Fi’lia at SLS Brickell is an Italian restaurant featuring pasta and handmade artisanal bread. Pizzas and pasta cooked from scratch with fresh ingredients from the grill and charcoal oven. Fi’lia serves breakfast, brunch on the weekends, lunch during the week, happy hour, and dinner. 

Italian Restaurants in Miami

They focus on the top Italian aperitifs and digestifs so their guests can enjoy the beauty of the environment. Some of the dishes from their menus are rigatoni Bolognese, a bone-in pork chop, truffle pizza, and chicken parm. They offer a simple wine and beverage menu. 

With space for up to 200 people, an exclusive patio, and seasonal cuisine, Fi’Lia SLS Brickell is the ideal Miami location for your upcoming gathering, event, or celebration party.

Luca Osteria

Luca Osteria, which is situated on friendly Giralda Avenue, has innovative cuisine methods and flavours with traditional Italian delicacies from chef Giorgio Rapicavoli. They welcome you to discover a surprising and delightful menu that mixes Italy’s timeless essence with a creative touch of taste.

Smooth Scandi-style seats, whitewashed ceilings, and a variety of lighting fixtures create a beautiful environment for guests. They serve incredible housemade pasta, patate fritte, fried potato balls, Mortadella toast, and Panzanella. They also provide a great Italian cocktail.

Casa Isola 

Italian Restaurants in Miami

Casa Isola is an Italian Restaurant in Miami Beach providing delicious Italian-style food to their guests. With beautiful indoor and outdoor dining, they serve a great menu of homemade Italian dishes like Veal chop Parmigiana, Rigatoni Alla Vodka, and Pappardelle Alla Bolognese. Their other Italian dishes are Ravioli ai funghi, Pine nut Gremolata, Heirloom tomatoes, Balsamic, Black Truffle, and Milanesa Carpaccio. They offer a variety of Italian wines like beers, wines, and cocktails. 

Boia De

Boia De is an Italian Restaurant in Miami that attracts a lot of people with its beautiful interior and design. With amazing chemistry between the chefs, they serve quality Italian food. Their menu includes Fried potato skins, beef tartare, sweet corn Agnolotti, king crab tagliolini nero, and gnocchi. With their super friendly staff and luxury interior you will enjoy your visit.

Salumeria 104

Located in two different locations in Miami, Salumeria 104 is an Italian restaurant. You can’t challenge the food cooked by our ancestors, Chef Masarin at Salumeria 104 learned cooking from her grandmother and he has been cooking all the traditional Italian dishes as his grandmother taught him. 

Italian Restaurants in Miami

Unlike other Italian restaurants, this one is specialized in Charcuterie boards. Their menu changes as ingredient changes in the market. Salami, Pecorino, Parmesan, and Prosciutto are among the selections they have. As all dishes there are made with the finest ingredients, you will have great Italian dining at Salumeria 104.


To sum up, there are a variety of luxury and traditional Italian Restaurants in Miami serving delicious Italian food. With a beautiful interior and breathtaking ocean view these restaurants are the best for a date. From appetizers to food and drink you will have complete Italian-style dining.

Your visit to Miami would be incomplete without visiting its amazing Italian Restaurants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Miami good for Italian Food?

Yes. There are plenty of Italian Restaurants in Miami providing delicious food, and you will have a great Italian dining experience in Miami. Some of the best Italian Restaurants in Miami are sorted out above.

Does Miami have a little Italy?

Espanola Way, with its more than 40,000 square feet is the “Little Italy” in Miami. There you will find a lot of markets, wine shops, markets, bars, and Italian Restaurants in Miami. You can experience freshly cooked pasta, refined Italian cuisine, exotic wines, flowing Negronis, and a wide variety of market goods.

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