Hotels in Miami: Discover the Top 5 Luxury Gems

Miami attracts a lot of tourists and is a great destination for travelers because it is connected by lovely beaches and other refreshing points. Being the 2nd most visited city in the United State, tourism is the major local industry of this city. So, whether you come here on a business trip or to visit the city you must visit these luxury hotels.

There are lots of hotels in Miami Florida, that are serving their guest’s outstanding services to make your journey comfortable and memorable. You can comfortably stay overnight or for some days in these Miami hotels.

Top 5 Hotels in Miami

Here is the list of the Best Hotels in Miami Florida:

The Setai Miami Beach

With celebrities like Beyoncé, Madonna, and Jay-Z visiting and praising this hotel, there is no chance to exclude The Setai Miami Beach Hotel from the best hotels you will have in Miami Florida. Their luxury interior made from black granite floors and French limestone enhances the beauty of the hotel.

This Miami hotel has Asian-inspired design touches which give a pleasant vibe to their guests. This hotel is surrounded by music and art places which gives their guest the opportunity to go nearby and visit museums or other places during their visit. The hotel also gives perfect dining options and provides luxury pools with beautiful views of the night sky.


The Ritz-Carlton South Beach

The Ritz-Carlton South Beach is Miami’s most luxurious 5-star Maimi hotel. This luxurious hotel is the home of celebrities, and many have stayed in this hotel. After fully renovating itself in 2020 they have ranked itself as the hotel that provides the best services to its guests.

This hotel has a breathtaking interior with a classic cocktail lounge and an elevated pool. They also provide a spa service to please their guests. This hotel is located on Lincoln Road, giving its guests the opportunity for dining and shopping options.

Nobu Hotel Miami Beach

Nobu Hotel is located at Eden Roc Miami Beach and the special thing about this hotel is Travel + Leisure Condé Nast Traveler is one of the most influential travel magazines that ranked it the best hotel in Miami. They offer the most peaceful environment to their guest so they enjoy their time with ease, they have an outstanding Japanese architecture building with a private pool. 

Nobu provide different facilities including a restaurant with Japanese celebrity Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, a spa, and a gym. They provide spa services with a yoga mat provided in every room. With their famous Japanese, Chef Nobu Matsuhisa you will have one of the finest dining experiences.

1 Hotel South Beach

1 Hotel South Beach is an eco-conscious hotel, inspired by the beachfront. This hotel’s aim is to rejuvenate their guest body and mind. They provide a natural environment in the hotel with green walls and plants throughout the hotel.

They also have spa services to relax their guests. The most magnificent thing about this hotel is its luxury rooftop swimming pool. The incredible view from the rooftop swimming is so refreshing. They offer fitness and wellness classes to their guests. You can also enjoy yourself by bicycle ride through the public paths.

Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club

Since its opening in 1930, covering 9 acres of area Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club has written history with its luxurious service. Today Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club provides many luxurious services like 77 guest rooms, three pools, a pristine beach, a wellness center, a selection of hotel residences, Champagne Bar and Spa to relax its guests.


As the perfect destination for tourists, Miami offers a variety of luxury hotels. Many celebrities have stayed in this luxury hotel so there is no denying that Hotels in Miami Florida are the best whether you are here for business meetings, honeymoons, or other occasions. Hotels in Miami Florida provide different services including resort services to make your trip comfortable and memorable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best place in Miami to stay?

If you enjoy the beach and nightlife, then South Beach is the best place for you. Within the walking distance of this area, there are numerous bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. You will find numerous Miami Hotels at You Can South Beach, Florida.

Which hotels do celebrities go to in Miami?

Miami hotels are known for their luxurious services, there are a lot of celebrities staying at Mami Hotels. Some of the best Hotels in Miami Florida where celebrities have stayed are:

  • Nobu Hotel Miami Beach
  • The Setai Miami Beach
  • The Ritz-Carlton South Beach

In which Miami hotel do The Kardashians stay?

One of the most influential and famous celebrities The Kardashians have stayed at South Beach hotels. The Kardashians have also stayed in Hilton Bentley Miami and Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel.

What Miami neighborhood is best to stay for nightlife?

South Beach is the best place to stay for the nightlife as this hotel is linked with the neighborhood with mega-clubs attracting a lot of people to party and has nightlife.

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