Great Restaurants in Miami: A Food Lover’s Paradise

If you’re a food lover, get ready to embark on a delightful journey through Miami’s culinary scene. The city boasts a treasure trove of great restaurants in Miami, each promising an unforgettable dining experience. From sizzling steakhouses and mouthwatering seafood platters to delectable Cuban cuisine, Miami’s diverse culinary landscape has something to satisfy every palate. Let’s dive into the world of food and explore the top-notch eateries that make Miami a foodie’s paradise.

Top Great Restaurants in Miami

To have best dining experience in Miami you should dine in these Great Restaurants in Miami:

Los Fuegos by Francis Mallmann

For an extraordinary dining adventure in South Beach, Los Fuegos by Francis Mallmann is a must-visit spot. Situated in the luxurious Faena Hotel Miami Beach, this place is a true gem. With its opulent decor of gold, red velvet, and contemporary art, it perfectly complements Mallmann’s open-fire cooking. Don’t miss the mouthwatering skirt steak a la parrilla with chimichurri and crispy domino potatoes. If you’re a true carnivore, go for the meat a la parrillada platter, featuring wagyu NY strip, lamb chops, and sweetbread. Los Fuegos truly stands among the great restaurants in Miami.

Joe’s Stone Crab

A true Miami icon, Joe’s Stone Crab has been serving delicious meals since 1913. With its classic white tablecloth style, it’s a timeless destination on Miami Beach. Joe’s is beloved for its local stone crabs, available from mid-October to mid-May. Make sure to savor the stone crabs, and complement them with their delightful sides. And, of course, don’t leave without trying their legendary key lime pie. Be prepared to wait as Joe’s doesn’t take reservations, but it’s definitely worth it!


If you’re a pizza lover, Lucali in hip Sunset Harbour is your haven. This laid-back eatery offers a straightforward yet scrumptious menu of brick-oven pizzas, calzones, and refreshing salads. It’s the perfect combination of chewy crust, fresh mozzarella, parmigiano, and balanced tomato sauce that makes their pizzas an absolute delight. The place doesn’t take reservations, so make sure to arrive early. While you wait, grab a cocktail at their Bay Club bar and enjoy the laid-back vibe. And trust us, the Nutella and ricotta calzone is a dreamy way to end your meal.

Lure Fishbar

For a modern and chic seafood experience, Lure Fishbar inside the Loews Miami Beach Hotel’s St Moritz Tower is the place to be. Their creative appetizers like devilled eggs with caviar or crispy rice cakes with spicy tuna will tantalize your taste buds. The sushi rolls and salads meant for sharing are perfect for a delightful meal with friends. And if you’re feeling indulgent, go for the bucatini pasta with butter-poached lobster or their award-winning burger. Lure Fishbar caters to seafood enthusiasts and cocktail lovers alike.

Fish Fry and Seafood Platters

Red South Beach

Ready for a fine-dining treat? Red South Beach will sweep you off your feet with its elegant ambiance and well-dressed clientele. Chef/owner Peter Vauthy takes pride in his Aged Certified Angus beef and Grade A5 Miyazaki Kobe beef. You can’t miss the mouthwatering handmade burrata and heirloom tomato salad or the exquisite Colorado rack of lamb. And here’s a little secret: ask for the off-menu lobster mac ‘n’ cheese for an extra special treat. Red South Beach is indeed one of the great restaurants in Miami for a luxurious culinary experience.

The Bazaar by José Andrés

Step into the world of avant-garde Spanish cuisine at The Bazaar, nestled in the chic SLS South Beach hotel. Celebrity chef José Andrés brings a playful twist to traditional Spanish tapas. Indulge in their signature Cuban sandwich, prepared with a lighter-than-air pastry, Dijon mustard, Swiss cheese foam, and Jamón Ibérico. The patatas bravas, croquetas, and Catalan-style pa amb tomàquet are favorites among diners. And don’t forget to try their molecular gastronomy-inspired cocktails like the salt air margaritas and liquid nitrogen caipirinhas. The Bazaar promises an exciting dining adventure.

Enjoy delicious culinary with beachfront setting

Pubbelly Sushi

If you’re craving sushi with a creative twist, Pubbelly Sushi is the place for you. The lively and casual atmosphere invites you to try deconstructed sushi like never before. Their bigeye tuna roll on a crispy, sticky rice cake with truffle oil and the snow crab roll with clarified butter are absolute must-try dishes. Pair your meal with a bottle of sake for a complete and satisfying dining experience. With multiple locations across the city, Pubbelly Sushi has become a favorite among Miami diners.

Mix sushi rolls with ginger wasabi
Mix sushi rolls with ginger wasabi


27 Restaurant & Bar

Tucked away in The Freehand Miami hotel, 27 Restaurant & Bar offers a charming and eclectic dining experience inspired by Miami’s diverse cultures. From Jewish-Israeli shakshuka to the South American cornmeal arepa platter, the menu caters to various palates. The communal picnic table seating and warm atmosphere add to the overall charm. After your meal, head to the bar for creative cocktails that perfectly complement the diverse flavors.


Miami’s culinary scene is a paradise for food lovers, and these great restaurants in Miami are just the beginning of your gastronomic adventure. Whether you’re a fan of upscale dining or prefer a casual meal, the city’s vibrant food landscape has something for everyone. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in the finest cuisine Miami has to offer at these remarkable establishments. Happy dining!

What are the best restaurants in Miami for steak lovers?

Los Fuegos by Francis Mallmann and Red South Beach offer exceptional steak dishes.

Where can I find the best stone crabs in Miami?

Joe’s Stone Crab in South Beach is renowned for its delicious local stone crabs.

Which restaurant in Miami offers creative sushi dishes?

Pubbelly Sushi serves deconstructed sushi with a creative twist that’s a must-try.

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