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Your kid has had an obsession with monkeys since she was three years old. You feel like you’ve already done all you can to support her enthusiasm, from buying her a stuffed Capuchin to showing her dozens of nature documentaries. 

But have you taken her to the Monkey Jungle in Miami yet? 

If not, then pack your day bag and prepare to be the “cool parent” for a few hours. The Monkey Jungle is a 30-acre park filled with more than 300 primates and is sure to be a fun, unique experience for you and your family. 

Ready to go on a jungle adventure? Then stop monkeying around and get all the details about the Monkey Jungle below, from the park’s different show offerings to how and where to buy tickets. 

Learn What the Monkey Jungle Offers 

When you make a trip to the Monkey Jungle, you’re experiencing something truly special! Established in 1935, this sub-tropical forest is the only protected primate habitat that’s open to the public in the United States. 

During your visit, you can enjoy a variety of shows and performances while discovering the more than 300 primates that live in this subtropical forest. Each of these shows occurs at a set scheduled time each day, so be sure to refer to the website when planning your visit. 

One of these shows is known as the Wild Monkey Swimming Pool Show. This habitat is home to Java Macaques, which are native to southeast Asia. At Monkey Jungle, they live in a 7-acre forest domain. 

During the Cameroon Gorilla Forest Show, watch a huge Cameroon Gorilla as he goes about his day. Then, enjoy a rainbow of color as you birdwatch. The Wings of Love Show features a sanctuary for captive parrots that have been displaced or relinquished by their owners.  This exhibit was created by the aptly-named non-profit, the Wings of Love Foundation. 

Finally, cap your visit with a Rainforest Adventure Tour — so special that we’ve dedicated an entire section to it below! 

Embark on a Rainforest Adventure Tour 

So, why does the Rainforest Adventure Tour get a spot all of its own in this post? 

Because it’s the only semi-natural tropical forest in North America AND three different species of monkeys roam within it, without any direct control by humans. Additionally, all the plants you see are specimens collected from plants, trees, and palms from the Amazon rainforest. 

The Amazonian Rainforest Show is the one showing that Monkey Jungle is hosting during COVID-19. This tour offers visitors a chance to view monkeys in their almost-natural habitat while still keeping primates safe from getting sick. 

On the tour, Show Guides will take you and a small group through the habitat. You’ll have the opportunity to see Squirrel Monkeys, Howler Monkeys, and Capuchin Monkeys up close and personal, all while you learn about their native habitat and quirks. As part of your tour, you’ll also get to visit the Monkey Pool, home to Java Macaques. 

Monkey Jungle offers three Rainforest Adventure Tours a day: one at 10AM, a second at 12:15PM, and the third at 2:30PM. Tours cost $150/person and you can reserve a spot by calling (305) 235-1611. 

Host an Event

If you want to take things up a notch on your visit, you can also rent space at the Monkey Jungle to host a special event. Events take place at the Safari Base Camp, which has a covered picnic area with plenty of seating. 

And if you’re still trying to decide what to do for your child’s birthday party, why not host it here? Monkey Jungle has a special birthday party package that will allow your monkey-obsessed kid to enjoy the jungle with all her best friends.

You can reserve the Safari Base Camp for an hour. If you anticipate spending more time there, you can purchase additional time for $30/hour. Pricing per person is listed in the table below.

AdultFirst two adults free$16.95 per person for additional adults 
Child$21.95/child Minimum 12 kids in attendance

Along with your reservation, everyone will receive a pizza or hot dog meal, complete with a soft drink and chips. And you don’t want to leave the monkeys hanging either! This reservation also comes with food for the monkeys. 

After grabbing some food, kids will have access to all the regular Monkey Jungle presentations. At the end of the day, they’ll even receive a goody bag to remember their adventures. 

And the icing on the cake? The special birthday kid will receive a t-shirt to commemorate the occasion… so your daughter can remember the day she got to see monkeys in real-life, for life! 

Buy Tickets and Get Directions & Hours 

Ready to have more fun than a barrel of monkeys…. By visiting monkeys? Then you’ll need to know how to buy tickets and when you can visit. 

The Monkey Jungle is open daily from 9:30AM to 5:00PM and the ticket booth closes at 4:00PM. General entry tickets cost $29.95 for adults and $23.95 for youth aged 3-9 years old. 

Keep in mind, however, that during COVID-19, the Monkey Jungle guides have limited show offerings to protect the primates. Reservations are required for the available show, the Rainforest Adventure Tour. 

To schedule a Rainforest Adventure Tour, you can call (305) 235-1611. 

And you’ll need directions if you’re going to find your way to Monkey Jungle! The address for the eco-park is listed below: 

14805 SW 216th St.

Miami, FL 33170 

If you aren’t familiar with the area, the Monkey Jungle website provides detailed directions from a variety of locations. Whether you’re making the trip down from Ft. Lauderdale or traversing across Miami, you shouldn’t have any problem finding monkey paradise. 


Ready to get your little monkey off your back? Then take her for a trip to see some primates! The Monkey Jungle in Miami offers both adults and children alike an opportunity to view monkeys in a lush, sub-tropical rainforest, all while learning about what makes these primates so special. 

And who knows — maybe after your visit, you’ll start to understand why your kid’s been obsessed with these incredible creatures for so long.

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