Casadonna: A New Culinary Gem in Miami’s Edgewater Neighborhood

In an exciting culinary development, the Edgewater neighborhood of Miami is set to welcome Casadonna, a distinctive Coastal Italian restaurant born out of the collaborative genius of david grutman restaurants miami Groot Hospitality and Tao Group Hospitality. This groundbreaking venture marks the inaugural joint restaurant endeavor between these two acclaimed hospitality powerhouses.

Unveiling Casadonna

Derived from a fusion of Italian words translating to “house of the woman,” Casadonna is poised to make its debut in the upcoming summer. Nestled in the historic Women’s Club building, which also houses Klaw, Casadonna is designed to offer a unique culinary experience. Riviera Italian cuisine takes center stage, featuring traditional dishes from Naples, Taormina, Bari, Positano, and Gaeta, all presented in a contemporary and enticing manner.

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A Clean Sheet Concept

According to david grutman restaurants miami, Casadonna represents a completely fresh concept for Groot Hospitality. Teaming up with Tao Group, the collaboration is envisioned as a true synergy of hospitality, creating what promises to be a new classic along Miami’s Biscayne Bay. Grutman expresses enthusiasm about delivering best-in-class coastal Italian cuisine from the historic Women’s Club building, infusing heritage and history with a revitalized, modern spirit.

Architectural Marvel by Ken Fulk

The aesthetic allure of Casadonna is further elevated by the artistic vision of Ken Fulk, a longstanding collaborator with Groot Hospitality. Expect a design that seamlessly marries tradition and modernity – paned and vaulted glass windows, original gates, elaborate chandeliers, bold floor patterning, and a covered high-ceilinged atrium paying homage to the site’s rich legacy. The restaurant is poised to accommodate up to 366 guests in both indoor and outdoor dining and bar areas.

Tao Group’s Remarkable Presence

Tao Group Hospitality, with a staggering global footprint of 70 properties worldwide, including 30 in New York City, brings unparalleled expertise to the table. As Jason Tepperberg highlighted in a December 2022 interview with Eater NY, the restaurant group has cultivated a devoted following, with patrons planning their social calendars around their collection of restaurants. Notably, Tao Group’s presence in NYC has been solidified through iconic establishments. Such as Tao in Midtown, Lavo in Midtown, and Beauty and Essex on the Lower East Side.

Architectural Marvel by Ken Fulk

Groot Hospitality’s Legacy

David Grutman’s Groot Hospitality stands as a testament to innovation and success in Miami’s vibrant scene. Boasting several thriving venues in the city. Including LIV Nightclub, Komodo, Swan, Papi Steak, Key Club, and the collaborative venture Gekko with Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny. Groot Hospitality consistently pushes boundaries and sets new standards.


Casadonna emerges as a culinary masterpiece, blending Coastal Italian authenticity with modern flair. With the combined prowess of Groot Hospitality and Tao Group Hospitality,. This restaurant promises not just a meal but a transformative experience, a new classic on Miami’s culinary landscape. As Casadonna prepares to open its doors. It is poised to redefine hospitality and leave an indelible mark on the vibrant tapestry of Miami’s dining scene.

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