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When it comes to savoring the vibrant flavors of Cuban cuisine, Miami stands out as a culinary haven. With more than a third of its population hailing from the Caribbean island, the city is brimming with a rich tapestry of cuban restaurants in miami and delectable dishes.

In this guide, we’ll embark on a flavorful journey through the streets of Miami, exploring the top Cuban restaurants that encapsulate the heart and soul of this cuisine. From mouthwatering dishes to iconic eateries, we’ve curated a list of the finest establishments that showcase the best of cuban restaurants in miami.

Best Cuban Restaurants in Miami

To have best cuban food dine in these cuban restaurants in miami to make memories:

Puerto Sagua

Nestled amidst the glitz of South Beach, Puerto Sagua beckons with its authentic Cuban charm. Despite its dated interiors, this local icon boasts a menu that consistently impresses among Cuban restaurants in Miami. Whether you opt for the tender filete salteado or the succulent pernil asado, each dish tantalizes the palate. Be sure to start your meal with the croquetas con jamon, a delightful ham-filled treat, and end on a sweet note with their homemade flan.

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  • Location: South Beach
  • Good for: Authentic Cuban comfort food
  • Famous Dish: Filete Salteado, Pernil Asado
  • Why visit: Immerse yourself in a charming setting with Old Havana murals as you indulge in flavorful dishes like the tender Filete Salteado and succulent Pernil Asado. A culinary experience that embraces tradition and taste.

Exquisito Restaurant

For over 30 years, Exquisito Restaurant has been serving up traditional Cuban fare on Calle Ocho. The Coro family’s commitment to quality and affordability shines through their offerings. Begin your day with a hearty breakfast deal like the small steak with eggs, and if you visit later, don’t miss the vaca frita with malanga. Consider timing your visit with Viernes Culturales, a monthly street festival in Little Havana.

  • Location: Little Havana
  • Good for: Affordable and flavorful Cuban meals
  • Famous Dish: Vaca Frita with Malanga
  • Why visit: For over 30 years, Exquisito Restaurant has delighted locals and tourists alike with its traditional Cuban fare. From the budget-friendly breakfast deals to the savory Vaca Frita, this spot embodies the essence of Little Havana’s culinary heritage.


Indulge in the heart of Miami’s Cuban culinary heritage at Versailles on Calle Ocho. With a legacy spanning 40 years, this iconic spot is a cornerstone of Cuban restaurants in Miami. Savor cortaditos in the AM or seize a Cubano sandwich to-go at lunch. But the true enchantment unfolds during dinner, as locals delight in classics like vaca frita, embodying the essence of Cuban restaurants in Miami.

  • Location: Little Havana
  • Good for: Iconic Cuban dining experience
  • Famous Dish: Cubano Sandwich, Vaca Frita
  • Why visit: A Miami institution for over 40 years, Versailles encapsulates the essence of Cuban cuisine. From the Cubano sandwich to the lively atmosphere, a visit to Versailles is a must for anyone seeking an authentic taste of Miami’s Cuban culture.

El Palacio de Los Jugos: The Juice Palace of Flavors

For a truly immersive experience, El Palacio de Los Jugos is a must-visit Cuban institution. With an array of counters offering everything from juicy chicharrones to refreshing fruit juices, this outdoor marketplace is a feast for the senses. Load up your plato with rice, beans, plantains, and your choice of entrée, and savor the flavors of Cuba.

  • Location: Multiple Locations
  • Good for: Wide variety of Cuban delights
  • Famous Dish: Ropa Vieja, Chicharrones
  • Why visit: A true Cuban institution, El Palacio de Los Jugos offers a vibrant marketplace experience. Feast on traditional Cuban delicacies, from refreshing juices to hearty Ropa Vieja, while enjoying the bustling ambiance.

Sergio’s: A Cuban Culinary Odyssey

Sergio’s humble beginnings as a sandwich stand have blossomed into a mini-empire. Their El Mezclado breakfast platter is a perfect start to the day, while their array of Cuban-style sandwiches, including the classic Cubano, are a treat for lunch or dinner. Don’t miss their churrasco, a grilled skirt steak served with flavorful chimichurri sauce.

  • Location: Multiple Locations
  • Good for: All-day Cuban dining experience
  • Famous Dish: El Mezclado, Churrasco
  • Why visit: Sergio’s legacy as a small sandwich stand has evolved into a culinary empire. From hearty breakfast deals to late-night cravings, their menu boasts a diverse range of Cuban delights, including the mouthwatering Churrasco.

Little Havana

Little Havana, a beloved family-owned restaurant, offers an extensive menu that captures the heart of Cuban delicacies. The Taste of Havana sampler lets you indulge in pork, chicken, tamal, croquettes, and more. Their house special bistec con Salsa Chimichurri is a juicy steak served with their signature sauce. Save room for their delectable Crema Catalana and guava cheese flan.

  • Location: North Miami
  • Good for: Sampling a variety of Cuban dishes
  • Famous Dish: Taste of Havana platter, Bistec con Salsa Chimichurri
  • Why visit: With a sprawling menu of authentic Cuban meals, Little Havana offers a feast that caters to diverse tastes. From the signature Taste of Havana platter to the delectable Bistec con Salsa Chimichurri, it’s a celebration of flavors.

La Carreta

La Carreta, founded by Cuban exiles in 1976, has become a staple for Miami residents seeking authentic Cuban flavors. Their shrimp pineapple tostones and Vaca Frita showcase innovation while staying true to tradition. The Cuban Sampler is a hearty delight, offering a taste of various Cuban delights. Don’t miss their indulgent Dulce de Leche cheesecake.

  • Location: Multiple Locations
  • Good for: Fusion of Cuban and tropical flavors
  • Famous Dish: Shrimp Pineapple Tostones, Vaca Frita
  • Why visit: Founded by Cuban exiles, La Carreta has been a Miami staple for decades. Delight in the fusion of Cuban and tropical influences through dishes like Shrimp Pineapple Tostones and the delectable Vaca Frita.

Havana 1957

Transport yourself to the 1950s at Havana 1957, a throwback restaurant with a vintage ambiance. Start with truffle yucca fries and masitas de Puerco, fried cubed pork that’s bursting with flavor. Their classic Cubano sandwich and Fricase de Pollo offer a journey into authentic Cuban taste. Conclude your meal with the tres leches dessert and guava cheesecake.

  • Location: Espanola Way
  • Good for: Traditional Cuban dining with a vintage twist
  • Famous Dish: Truffle Yucca Fries, Fricase de Pollo
  • Why visit: Step back in time at Havana 1957 and enjoy truffle-infused yucca fries followed by classic dishes like Fricase de Pollo. The vintage decor and old-world ambiance enhance the culinary experience.


Cuban Restaurants in Miami offering a diverse array of flavors and experiences. From the iconic Versailles to the nostalgic Havana 1957, each establishment adds its unique touch to the rich tapestry of Cuban cuisine in the heart of Miami. Whether you’re a food enthusiast or a traveler seeking authentic tastes, these restaurants invite you to explore the delicious world of Cuban food in Miami. So, grab a seat, savor the flavors, and let your taste buds dance to the rhythms of Cuba right here in Miami.


Q: What makes Cuban cuisine in Miami special?

A: Miami’s Cuban cuisine is special due to its rich cultural heritage, blending traditional Cuban flavors with local influences, creating a unique and mouthwatering culinary experience.

Q: Are these restaurants suitable for vegetarians?

A: While many of these restaurants offer vegetarian options, the focus is primarily on Cuban meat and seafood dishes. It’s recommended to check with the restaurant for specific vegetarian offerings.

Q: Can I expect a traditional Cuban ambiance at these restaurants?

A: Yes, many of these restaurants offer a traditional Cuban ambiance, immersing you in the culture and spirit of Cuba while you enjoy your meal.

Q: What’s the best time to visit these restaurants for an authentic experience?

A: To fully embrace the Cuban experience, consider visiting these restaurants during traditional meal times, such as lunch and dinner, when you can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and connect with the local flavors.

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