Culinary Tapestry of Miami’s Black-Owned Restaurants

Miami is renowned for its vibrant cultural scene, and its culinary landscape is no exception. Beyond the glitz and glamour, the city boasts a rich tapestry of flavors, with black owned restaurants in miami taking center stage. In this article, we delve into the heart of Miami, exploring 11 must-try establishments that not only tantalize taste buds but also celebrate diversity and entrepreneurship.

1. Rosie’s

Nestled in Overtown, Rosie’s welcomes diners to an expansive courtyard under the shade of Banyan trees. Chef Akino West’s Southern-inspired dishes with a touch of Italian flair make this spot a culinary gem. Don’t miss the wild mushroom polenta, a dish that lingers in memory until your next visit.

2. Drinking Pig BBQ

From a cul-de-sac barbecue joint during lockdown to a Saturday hotspot at Wynwood’s Smorgasburg, Drinking Pig BBQ has become synonymous with smoked meats, buttery cornbread, and gooey mac and cheese. Whether you opt for pickup, delivery, or dine-in, this spot promises a savory experience at these black owned restaurants in miami.

3. Awash Ethiopian Restaurant

Embark on a spice journey at Awash Ethiopian Restaurant, Miami’s sole outpost of Ethiopian cuisine. Savor well-spiced meats and vegetarian platters served atop injera, a spongey bread made of tef grain. The flavors transport you to the heart of Ethiopia, offering a unique and delightful dining experience.

black owned restaurants in miami

4. Red Rooster Overtown

Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s collaboration with Grove Bay Hospitality resulted in Red Rooster Overtown, where Chef Tristen Epps brings creativity to the table. With a menu reflecting influences from the Deep South, Italy, and West Africa, every visit promises a delightful surprise at these black owned restaurants in miami..

5. 7th Cafe at Sips Coffee:

While waiting for Rosie’s reopening, explore 7th Cafe at Sips Coffee in Allapattah. This breakfast and lunch spot offers everything from egg sandwiches to unexpectedly delightful “basic ass burgers” and house-made pastrami.

6. World Famous House of Mac

Chef Teach’s World Famous House of Mac turns gooey and cheesy dreams into reality. From pizza-topped mac to lump crab variations, each crispy and golden bite is a remedy for a bad day. The food truck concept has found a home in Wynwood and North Miami Beach.

Pizza Lover's

7. La Traila Barbecue

Miami Lakes hosts La Traila Barbecue, where the aroma of Texas-style brisket wafts through the air. Despite potential lines, the wait is undeniably worth it for a bun piled high with brisket and a side of cheesy corn.

8. Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen

Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen defies the norm, bringing authentic island cuisine to the heart of Wynwood. With jerk chicken served amidst a festival-like atmosphere, this spot offers a unique blend of flavors and vibrant energy.

9. Manjay Restaurant

With locations in the Citadel food hall and Wynwood, Manjay Restaurant presents a fusion of Caribbean favorites. From Haitian slow-braised pork to panko-fried Jamaican jerk, each dish showcases the diversity of Caribbean culinary traditions.

10. Lil Greenhouse Grill

Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King visited Lil Greenhouse Grill in 2020, attesting to its authenticity. The Overtown restaurant, founded by Nicole Gates and Kariym Bryant, radiates a cozy vibe and serves soul food classics like biscuits and gravy and banana pudding.

black owned restaurants in miami

11. Jackson Soul Food

Since 1946, Jackson Soul Food has been an Overtown mainstay, serving up generous plates of soul food. With a second location on South Beach, it continues to be a favorite for hearty breakfasts and griddled potatoes.


Black owned restaurants in miami not only offer delectable dishes but also embody the city’s spirit of diversity and inclusivity. From Overtown to South Beach, these culinary gems invite you to savor the flavors of Miami’s cultural mosaic while supporting local businesses. Embark on a gastronomic adventure, exploring the unique and vibrant contributions of black owned restaurants in miami.

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