7 Best Restaurants in Miami Lakes: Hidden Culinary Gems

Miami Lakes, a suburban oasis just stone’s throw away from bustling heart of Downtown Miami. It holds a secret worth discovering – a treasure trove of delectable culinary experiences. Though not as famous as its neighboring districts like South Beach or Brickell. Miami Lakes boasts an array of restaurants that can rival any world-class dining destination. In this article, we invite you to join us on a delightful journey through restaurants in Miami Lakes where every bite is taste of paradise and every dish work of art.

Best Restaurants in Miami Lakes

To have best dining experience while enjoying beauty of nature then dine in these best restaurants in Miami lakes:

Sake Thai & Sushi Bar:

Indulge in best of Thai and Japanese cuisine at Sake Thai & Sushi Bar, nestled on Main Street in Miami Lakes. As you step inside this charming restaurant, get ready for delightful journey through artfully prepared sushi rolls, flavorful Thai curries and wide range of authentic Japanese dishes. The friendly staff and cozy ambiance create welcoming environment that makes Sake Thai & Sushi Bar go-to destination for sushi and Thai food enthusiasts alike. Experience a fusion of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you with cherished memories.

  • Location: 15732 NW 67th Ave, Miami Lakes
  • Famous Dishes: Sushi rolls, Thai curries and Japanese dishes
Mix sushi rolls with ginger wasabi
Mix sushi rolls with ginger wasabi

You can expect flavorful and spicy dishes like curries, noodles and stir-fried meals. Thai food often uses ingredients like coconut milk, chili and aromatic herbs. In the Japanese part, they offer sushi, which is made with fresh fish and rice, as well as other Japanese dishes like tempura, teriyaki and sashimi.

So, Sake Thai & Sushi Bar is place where you can enjoy mix of Thai and Japanese flavors, from spicy Thai dishes to fresh and delicate Japanese sushi. It’s great spot for people who love both types of cuisine.

Dr. Limon in Miami Lakes

Picture this: 14 different ceviches, tantalizing marajitos and modern ambiance that whispers relaxation after long week – welcome to Dr. Limon, crown jewel of traditional Peruvian cuisine with Miami twist. As popularity of this gem soars, securing an early reservation is essential, especially on bustling Friday nights.

  • Location: 16203 NW 57th Ave, Miami Lakes
  • Famous Dishes: Ceviche Mixto, Empanadas
Traditional baked empanadas savoury pastries with meat beef stuffing.

They also have variety of sauces and seasonings that make their dishes really flavorful. It’s great spot to try something different and enjoy some tasty seafood in friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Whether you’re local or a tourist, Dr. Limon promises an unforgettable fusion of flavors and an atmosphere that lingers in your heart. In term of taste Dr. Limon in Miami Lakes is one of the restaurants in miami lakes.

Thai Cafe

For over three decades, Thai Cafe has been go-to place in Miami Lakes for authentic Thai delights. Behold artfully arranged sushi dishes that are as pleasing to eye as they are to the palate. But real showstopper? The Thai Donuts, mouthwatering indulgence that keeps patrons coming back for more. Tucked away on Main Street, this hole-in-the-wall gem whisks you away on culinary journey through vibrant flavors of Thailand without need for plane ticket.

  • Location: 6741 Main St, Miami Lakes
  • Famous Dishes: Sushi dishes and Thai Donuts
Thai style donuts

They serve dishes like noodles, rice with tasty sauces and sometimes even spicy soups. The food often has exciting flavors like sweet, sour and little bit spicy. Thai cafes are cozy places where you can sit down, enjoy your meal and maybe even have nice cup of tea or coffee. It’s great spot to try new and yummy Thai dishes!

Chela’s Mexican Beer Garden

Brought to life by creative minds of Mauricio Lacayo and Julio Cabrera, Chela’s Mexican Beer Garden is vibrant pop-up that captures essence of classic beer garden. Music fills air, local beer flows freely and laughter mingles with aroma of authentic Mexican fare. Don’t forget your furry companions – Chela’s embraces company of dogs! Experience an Instagrammable adventure as you savor mouthwatering tacos and challenge your friends to a game of cornhole at one of Miami Lakes’s hottest spots.

  • Location: 15506 NW 77th Ct, Miami Lakes
  • Famous Dishes: Mexican beer varieties, tacos, and nachos
Mexican Tacos to enjoy
Mexican Tacos to enjoy

At Chela’s, you can try different kinds of Mexican beer, which is like special type of drink made from barley and hops. They also serve yummy Mexican dishes like tacos, nachos and other tasty foods at one of the most visited restaurants in Mimi Lakes.

It’s great spot to hang out with friends, have good time and enjoy Mexican flavors in casual and comfortable setting. So, if you like Mexican food and beer, Chela’s Mexican Beer Garden is cool place to visit!

Trattoria Pampered Chef

Step into Trattoria Pampered Chef, where authentic Italian cuisine dances on your taste buds and ambiance weaves romantic spell. It’s perfect venue for heartwarming date night, where you can savor Cannelloni di Spinaci, indulge in heavenly Tiramisu and explore their stellar wine selection. With every bite, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to enchanting streets of Italy, all while being right in heart of Miami Lakes.

  • Location: 14100 Palmetto Frontage Rd, Miami Lakes
  • Famous Dishes: Italian favorites like pasta and pizza
Italian favorites like pasta

A “Trattoria” is type of restaurant, often found in Italy, that serves delicious and simple Italian food in cozy and friendly setting. Trattorias are known for offering dishes like pasta, pizza and other Italian favorites.

“Pampered Chef” is a brand that specializes in kitchen tools and cookware. They make things like knives, pans and gadgets that people use to cook and prepare food at home. At this one of best restaurants in Miami Lakes you will have fresh italian homemade dishes.

La Fogata

Step into heart of Miami Lakes, where La Fogata, cherished gem, serves up delightful taste of Colombian cuisine. As you walk in, you’re greeted like an old friend by warm and inviting atmosphere of this family-owned restaurant. Their menu boasts rich array of traditional Colombian dishes, including Bandeja Paisa, Arepas and mouthwatering Empanadas. Whether you’re a seasoned fan of Colombian flavors or curious newcomer, La Fogata guarantees memorable and authentic dining experience that will leave you craving more.

  • Location: 15660 NW 67th Ave, Miami Lakes
  • Famous Dishes: Bandeja Paisa, Empanadas
Bandeja paisa, typical Colombian main dish

They might have tasty dishes like grilled meats, vegetables and other yummy things. The name “La Fogata” might suggest that they have special way of cooking their food, like using fire or a grill to make it taste really good. It’s nice spot to go with friends or family to have tasty meal together.

Shula’s Steak 2

At Shula’s Steak 2, nestled in the heart of Miami Lakes, you’ll find panoramic view, award-winning steaks and burgers. It’s the perfect spot to catch game, enjoy cold beer and immerse yourself in more relaxed dining experience compared to its franchise counterparts. With happy hour specials featuring $3, $4 and $7 drinks and bar bites from Monday to Friday, Shula’s is true delight for sports enthusiasts seeking memorable dining experience. Dine in Shula’s Steak 2 one of restaurants in Miami Lakes to have memorable dining experience with family and friends.

  • Location: 6842 Main St, Miami Lakes
  • Famous Dishes: Award-winning steaks and burgers
Juicy medium Beef Rib Eye steak slices in pan on wooden board

They are known for making really great steaks, which are cooked just way you like you want. In addition to steak, they probably have other foods like salads, seafood and desserts. It’s nice spot to have special dinner or celebrate special occasion because they provide good food and pleasant dining experience.


In a city renowned for its culinary diversity, Miami Lakes may be lesser-known gem, but it holds remarkable collection of restaurants in miami lakes that cater to all tastes. From captivating flavors of Dr. Limon’s Peruvian cuisine to delightful Mexican experience at Chela’s Mexican Beer Garden you will enojoy your visit. Steaks at Shula’s Steak 2 and mouthwatering Thai delicacies at Thai Cafe, every corner of Miami Lakes promises culinary journey to remember.

If you’re seeking best restaurants in miami lakes, these five eateries are undeniably epitome of culinary excellence. So, whether you’re local looking to explore new flavors or a curious tourist visiting area, we invite you to embark on this delightful gastronomic adventure and experience hidden gems that Miami Lakes has to offer. Bon appétit and may your taste buds revel in magic of this suburban culinary wonderland!

Does Trattoria Pampered Chef in Miami Lakes offer vegetarian or vegan options?

Yes, Trattoria Pampered Chef provides selection of delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes for guests to enjoy.

Is there a waitlist option for busy nights at Thai Cafe in Miami Lakes?

Yes, Thai Cafe offers a waitlist option for guests on busy nights, ensuring you don’t miss out on their delectable offerings.

Does Mayor’s Cafe Miami Lakes serve breakfast all day?

Absolutely! Mayor’s Cafe serves an all-day breakfast menu, perfect for satisfying your breakfast cravings anytime.

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