Culinary Wonders of Miami Lakes: Top 5 Must-Try Restaurants

Embark on a gastronomic journey through the culinary haven that is Miami Lakes, a mere 16 miles north of Downtown Miami and a tantalizing 10 miles from the Miami International Airport. Beyond its picturesque residential streets and corporate parks, Miami Lakes boasts a culinary landscape that beckons locals and tourists alike. In this guide, we unveil the top 5  best restaurants Miami lakes, ensuring your taste buds are in for a treat.

Top 5 Best Restaurants Miami Lakes

Let’s have a great dishes in beautiful environment iby dining in these best restaurants Miami lakes:

Korner 67


Situated at Main St, Miami Lakes Korner 67 stands as a paragon of Mediterranean culinary delights. The ambiance exudes trendiness, romance, class, and upscale charm. Offering takeout, dine-in, delivery, and outdoor dining options, Korner 67 presents a tapas-style menu accompanied by an extensive mixology bar.

Delight in Asian-fusion wonders like Asian Short Ribs Noodles and Ahi Tuna Tartar. Be forewarned—weekends draw crowds, so arrive early. Cap off your experience with heavenly churros, hazelnut-crunchy praline, or a classic French opera dessert.

107 Taste

For aficionados of Asian cuisine, 107 Taste at Main St, Miami Lakes is the go-to destination. Offering takeout, dine-in, delivery, and outdoor dining, this Japanese restaurant crafts a relaxed atmosphere paired with impeccable customer service. Delight in a diverse array of Japanese, Thai, and authentic Korean dishes. From Thai pineapple fried rice to bibimbap bowls, 107 Taste is your one-stop shop for satisfying all your Asian cravings in these best restaurants Miami lakes.

Dr. Limon Ceviche Bar

Nestled at Miami Lakes Dr, Miami Lakes Dr. Limon Ceviche Bar has been tantalizing taste buds with exquisite Peruvian cuisine since 2012. Offering takeout, dine-in, delivery, and outdoor dining, this culinary gem specializes in creative and fresh ceviches in these best restaurants Miami lakes. The menu, a testament to culinary innovation, continually evolves. Immerse yourself in the marvels of Peruvian gastronomy, forging unforgettable dining experiences with each visit.

Dr. Limon-Ceviche-Bar

El Novillo Restaurant

With an address at New Barn Rd #110, Miami Lakes El Novillo Restaurant is a Nicaraguan culinary institution with over 30 years of excellence. Takeout, dine-in, delivery, and outdoor dining options ensure accessibility to their Latin steakhouse dishes and Central American cuisine. The churrasco, a tenderloin filet accompanied by a special chimichurri sauce, Gallo pinto, and sweet plantains, stands as a highlight. Dive into the flavors of Nicaragua and experience a culinary legacy that continues to captivate locals and tourists alike.

Mayor’s Cafe Miami Lakes

For a delightful breakfast, brunch, or lunch experience, Mayor’s Cafe at NW 77th Ct., Miami Lakes is a must-visit. Offering takeout, dine-in, delivery, and outdoor dining, this establishment goes beyond delectable food. Guests are welcomed into a familial atmosphere, transcending the typical diner fare. Mayor’s Cafe invites you to experience comfort food at its finest, ensuring you leave not just as a customer but as part of the family.


To sum up, these best restaurants Miami Lakes, with its culinary prowess, invite you to savor a diverse array of flavors. These top 5 restaurants stand as beacons of gastronomic excellence, ready to elevate your dining experiences. Embark on this culinary adventure, and let your taste buds revel in the extraordinary offerings of Miami Lakes.

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