Best Restaurants in Coconut Grove: A Culinary Adventure

restaurants in Coconut Grove.

Are you craving an exceptional dining experience that captures the essence of Coconut Grove’s vibrant culinary scene? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll take you on a delectable journey through the top restaurants in Coconut Grove, each offering a unique blend of flavors, ambiance, and unforgettable dishes. Whether you’re a local looking for a new favorite spot or a visitor eager to savor the local flavors, these restaurants are bound to delight your taste buds.

Indulge in the Flavorful Delights of Coconut Grove’s Dining Scene

Sadelle’s Coconut Grove:

Start your culinary adventure at Sadelle’s Coconut Grove, a renowned brunch haven. With its chic atmosphere and tempting menu, Sadelle’s promises an unforgettable dining experience. Major Food Group, the creative force behind this hotspot, has crafted a menu that caters to all tastes. Indulge in epic bagel towers, sliced-to-order salmon, the famous Sadelle’s Burger, and more. The menu’s diversity is matched only by the vibrant people-watching opportunities. Don’t forget to try their first-ever pizzas and watch for celeb sightings.

  • Location: 3321 Mary St, Miami, FL 33133
  • Good for: Brunch, Celeb Spotting
  • Famous Dish: Bagel Towers, Sadelle’s Burger

restaurants in Coconut Grove.

Why Visit: Sadelle’s Coconut Grove, a hit creation by Major Food Group, is a brunch haven that has taken the neighborhood by storm. Indulge in epic bagel towers, caviar service, and a selection of raw seafood. The picturesque ambiance and the chance of celebrity sightings make it a hotspot for locals and visitors.

Bombay Darbar:

For lovers of Indian cuisine, Bombay Darbar is a must-visit. Elevating traditional Indian dishes to a new level, Bombay Darbar’s menu is a treasure trove of flavors. Each bite is a culinary masterpiece, from the rich mango curry chicken to the tantalizing chicken tikka masala. Indulge in vegetable samosas, lamb vindaloo, and more, all while immersing yourself in the warm ambiance of Coconut Grove.

  • Location: 2901 Florida Ave, Miami, FL 33133
  • Good for: Indian Cuisine Enthusiasts
  • Famous Dish: Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Vindaloo

Why Visit: Bombay Darbar presents an exceptional Indian dining experience in Coconut Grove. Delight in rich and savory flavors through dishes like mango curry chicken and traditional favorites like chicken tikka masala. The restaurant’s cozy ambiance and authentic menu ensure an unforgettable meal.

Mayfair Grill

Mayfair Grill, nestled within the Mayfair House Hotel & Garden, offers wood-fired cuisine with a Caribbean twist. Chef Sean Bernal’s expertise shines through dishes like fire-roasted squash, braised lamb shank, and Navajo bread. Venture upstairs to Sipsip, a pool rum bar that pays homage to the Caribbean, serving items like conch ceviche and lobster rolls. Indulge in a culinary journey that combines flavors from the American Southwest and the Caribbean.

  • Location: 3000 Florida Ave, Miami, FL 33133
  • Good for: Wood-Fired Cuisine, Caribbean Vibes
  • Famous Dish: Braised Lamb Shank, Conch Ceviche

Why Visit: Mayfair Grill, housed within the revamped Mayfair House Hotel & Garden, offers wood-fired creations with American Southwest inspiration—Savour dishes like fire-roasted squash and Navajo bread. Don’t miss Sipsip, the rooftop pool rum bar serving Caribbean-inspired delights.

Kush Coconut Grove

From the creators of the Spillover comes Kush Coconut Grove, a seafood-focused delight. This restaurant seamlessly merges the best of Kush and Spillover menus. Prepare your taste buds for favorites like chicken sandwiches, chili burgers, and grouper Reuben. The revamped beer menu and Moose Juice cocktail perfectly complement your meal. Experience nostalgia and novelty combined in a single dining experience at one of the best restaurants in Coconut Grove.

  • Location: 2911 Grand Ave #400d, Coconut Grove, FL 33133
  • Good for: Seafood Lovers, Craft Beer Enthusiasts
  • Famous Dish: Grouper Reuben, Moose Juice Cocktail

restaurants in Coconut Grove.

Why Visit: Formerly known as the Spillover, Kush Coconut Grove combines seafood favorites from Kush and Spillover menus. Indulge in unique dishes like the prawn toast and enjoy an expanded beer menu. The Moose Juice cocktail adds a nostalgic touch to your visit.

The Last Carrot

For health-conscious diners, The Last Carrot is a beloved Coconut Grove spot. This longstanding establishment offers a variety of healthy wraps, sandwiches, and salads, catering to vegetarians and carnivores. What sets The Last Carrot apart is its cult-favorite green sauce, adding a refreshing twist to every dish. Enjoy a guilt-free meal in a tranquil environment that embraces a wellness-forward approach.

  • Location: 3133 Grand Ave, Miami, FL 33133
  • Good for: Healthy Eaters, Vegetarians
  • Famous Dish: Healthy Wraps, Last Carrot’s Herb Dressing

Why Visit: A staple for health-conscious diners, The Last Carrot offers a variety of wraps, sandwiches, and salads. The cult-favourite green sauce, known as Last Carrot’s herb dressing, adds a delightful twist to your meal.

Sapore di Mare

Indulge in an enchanting seafood experience at Sapore di Mare. Their decadent cacao e pepe pasta and various seafood dishes, from steamed crab meat tartare to stuffed pasta with grouper, will transport your taste buds to the Mediterranean coast. The restaurant’s quaint setting and rich flavors create a memorable dining affair celebrating the finest seafood traditions.

  • Location: 3111 Grand Ave, Miami, FL 33133
  • Good for: Italian Seafood Dishes
  • Famous Dish: Cheese Wheel Pasta, Steamed Crab Meat Tartare

Why Visit: Sapore di Mare offers a slice of Italy with decadent seafood dishes. Try the viral cheese wheel pasta topped with truffle and enjoy a variety of pasta and seafood delights.

Jaguar Ceviche

Jaguar Ceviche takes you on a pan-Latin journey in the heart of Coconut Grove. From Argentine provoleta to lomo saltado, this restaurant boasts an array of distinctive Latin American flavors. The diverse menu offers something for every palate, making it a must-visit spot for those seeking an authentic and diverse culinary experience at one of the best restaurants in Coconut Grove.

  • Location: 3067 Grand Ave, Miami, FL 33133
  • Good for: Pan-Latin Delights
  • Famous Dish: Ceviche, Cochinita Pibil

Why Visit: Jaguar Ceviche brings the flavors of Latin America to Coconut Grove; from ceviche to Argentine provoleta, you’ll find a delightful array of Latin American dishes under one roof.

Le Bouchon du Grove

Step into the world of classic French cuisine at Le Bouchon du Grove. This charming restaurant brings traditional Parisian fare to Coconut Grove, serving dishes like chicken fricassee, escargot, and moules frites. Unwind and savor complimentary mimosas, pancakes, and omelets during their not-to-be-missed brunch. Immerse yourself in the cozy ambiance and the delightful flavors of France.

  • Location: 3430 Main Hwy, Coconut Grove, FL 33133
  • Good for: Classic French Fare
  • Famous Dish: Chicken Fricassee, Escargot

Why Visit: Immerse yourself in the ambience of a classic French bistro at Le Bouchon du Grove. Indulge in traditional Parisian dishes like escargot and moules frites, along with complimentary mimosas during brunch.

Atchana’s Homegrown Thai

Atchana’s Homegrown Thai is a haven for Thai cuisine enthusiasts. With solid Thai offerings, this spot is a game-changer in Miami’s dining scene. From pad Thai to chicken satay and the mouthwatering Tiger Tears salad, many flavors are waiting to be savored. Immerse yourself in the world of Thai spices and aromatic dishes in one of the best restaurants in Coconut Grove.

  • Location: 3194 Commodore Plaza, Miami, FL 33133
  • Good for: Authentic Thai Cuisine
  • Famous Dish: Tiger Tears Salad, Various Curries

Why Visit: Atchana’s offers a taste of Thailand with its authentic Thai cuisine. Delight in dishes like pad Thai, chicken satay, and the flavorful Tiger Tears salad.


As you explore Coconut Grove’s culinary treasures, these restaurants offer diverse flavors and experiences. From the elegant ambiance of Le Bouchon du Grove to the exotic spices of Bombay Darbar, each establishment adds its unique touch to the neighborhood’s vibrant dining scene. Coconut Grove has something for every palate, whether you’re seeking a casual brunch, a seafood extravaganza, or an upscale dinner. Embrace the flavors, ambiance, and memories these restaurants offer in this charming Miami neighborhood.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is the best restaurant in Coconut Grove?

A1: With a vibrant culinary scene, picking just one is hard! However, Sadelle’s Coconut Grove, known for its bagel towers and celebrity sightings, is a must-visit.

Q2: Are there seafood-focused restaurants in Coconut Grove?

A2: Both Kush Coconut Grove and Sapore di Mare offer delicious seafood options, from grouper Reubens to decadent cheese wheel pasta.

Q3: Where can I find authentic Thai cuisine?

A3: Atchana’s Homegrown Thai is the go-to spot for authentic Thai dishes, including the flavorful Tiger Tears salad.

Q4: Which restaurant offers a classic French experience?

A4: Le Bouchon du Grove, a charming French restaurant, serves classic Parisian fare like chicken fricassee and escargot.

Q5: What restaurants offer an upscale dining experience?

A5: The Key Club, known for its upscale presentations of familiar favorites, provides an elevated dining experience and creative cocktails.

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