Best Restaurants in Miami with Live Music

Searching for the ideal blend of mouthwatering cuisine and lively music? There is a thriving eating scene in Miami where you can eat delicious food while listening to live music. This guide will help you regardless of whether you’re a local or a guest. The top restaurants in Miami are listed here, so check them out and enjoy delectable meals while listening to live music. From jazz rhythms to Latin beats, let’s explore the best places that provide a memorable dining and entertainment experience.

If you are looking for live music while you eat, these are the places to visit in Miami!

Mariachi Marvel: Cantina La Veinte

Enjoy the lively melodies of Mexico while being serenaded by the mariachi band at Cantina La Veinte. Savour delicious Mexican cuisine, such as Tacos Gobernador, which are stuffed with a blend of Mexican cheeses and luscious prawns. Enjoy a Jalisco Old Fashioned, perfectly paired with Don Julio Reposado. Brickell’s dazzling lights add to the whole experience.

  • Location: 495 Brickell Ave
  • Good for: Experiencing live mariachi music, Mexican cuisine
  • Famous Dish: Tacos Gobernador – Shrimp-filled delights
  • Why visit: Enjoy the charm of Brickell living and classic Mexican flavors. Don’t miss the Jalisco Old Fashioned with Don Julio Reposado.

Mamey: Live Music and Island Feelings

Nestled in Coral Gables, Mamey on 3rd offers a tropical retreat along with farm-fresh food and daily happy hour beverages. Live music is held on the third level of the THesis Hotel from Thursday to Sunday. Dance to upbeat sounds and soulful acoustic covers while sipping on a Ketel One Vodka Lychee Blossom cocktail.

  • Location: 1350 S Dixie Hwy, Coral Gables
  • Good for: Island-minded cocktails, farm-fresh bites
  • Famous Dish: Ketel One Vodka Lychee Blossom cocktail
  • Why visit: Head up to the third floor of the THesis Hotel to catch live music from Thursday to Sunday. Sip on tropical cocktails while grooving to the tunes.enjoy live music

Neme Gastro Bar: Coral Way Jazz Evenings

It’s jazz night every night at Neme Gastro Bar. Enjoy a full bar and an environment that is softly lighted. Get a front-row seat close to the stage by arriving early. Make sure not to miss their Ketel One Citron-infused Classic Cosmopolitan. From 4 to 8 PM, happy hour creates the ideal atmosphere for a memorable evening.

  • Location: 1252 SW 22nd St, Coral Way
  • Good for: Jazz enthusiasts, dimly lit ambiance
  • Famous Dish: Classic Cosmopolitan with Ketel One Citron
  • Why visit: Embrace jazz nights every evening, with a full bar and intimate stage setting. Happy hour from 4 PM to 8 PM.

Cerveceria La Tropical: Handcrafted Beers and Beats from the Caribbean

Cheers to delicious snacks and artisan brews while you take in the charm of Wynwood’s Cerveceria La Tropical. Savour a range of Cuban-inspired foods, such as Breadfruit Fish Tacos and Cuban Sandwich Empanadas. Savour a variety of beverages, such as the Shots Fired Boilermaker Bulleit, as live bands provide a touch of the Caribbean to your evenings.

  • Location: 42 NE 25th St, Wynwood
  • Good for: Craft beer lovers, Caribbean-inspired bites
  • Famous Dish: Cuban Sandwich Empanadas, Breadfruit Fish Tacos
  • Why visit: Enjoy craft brews while moving to Caribbean rhythms on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Check Instagram for the full music lineup.

The location of live Cuban music is Café La Trova.

Enter Café La Trova, where you’ll immediately feel at home. Every night at 7 PM, live Cuban music takes you to a joyful and rhythmic realm. Savour fried calamari marinated in mezcal and croquetas de jamón while listening to the music. Turn on your dancing shoes and embrace your inner salsa fan as the tunes captivate you.

  • Location: 971 SW 8th St, Calle Ocho
  • Good for: Live Cuban music, vibrant atmosphere
  • Famous Dish: Croquetas de Jamon, Mezcal-marinated fried calamari
  • Why visit: Dance to live Cuban music every night at 7 PM. Indulge in the ’80s 305 Bar on weekends.

Live Music at Cafe La Trova

Kush’s Tobacco Road: A Fusion of Live Music and Memories

Kush’s Tobacco Road transports you to a bygone era and live music experience. Take in Rock on Tuesday, Rockabilly on Wednesday, and Blues on Sunday through Monday. The big, curved bar extends a warm greeting to you. As you lose yourself in the music, relive old memories and create new ones.

  • Location: 69 SW 7th St, Brickell
  • Good for: Live music legacy, varied music genres
  • Why visit: Relive Miami’s music history with live music Sunday to Wednesday. Enjoy Blues, Rock, and Rockabilly nights.

 Root & Bone: Live Music and Comforting Southern Sounds

Your appetites for comfort food and live music will be satisfied at Root & Bone. Savour Sticky Pork Belly Bacon and Grandma Daisy’s Angel Biscuits while taking in soulful acoustic covers and live progressive jazz. The romantic music and cosy atmosphere make for an unforgettable meal.

  • Location: 5958 S Dixie Hwy, South Miami
  • Good for: Soulful acoustic covers, comfort food
  • Famous Dish: Sticky Pork Belly Bacon, Grandma Daisy’s Angel Biscuits
  • Why visit: Pair comfort food with live progressive jazz and acoustic covers.

Oasis: A Live Band Venue Outside

Experience the laid-back vibe of Oasis, an outdoor space featuring live music every Friday and Saturday. The roomy design, lounge chairs, and assortment of food sellers provide a welcoming ambiance. Savour delectable meals from Alidoro and other regional favourites while taking in a wide variety of musical styles.

  • Location: 2335 N Miami Ave, Wynwood
  • Good for: Open-air venue, diverse music lineup
  • Why visit: Groove to live bands on Fridays and Saturdays, unwind with Reggae on Sundays. Enjoy the colorful Tower Bar at Oasis.


Do these eateries cater to families?

Of course! These eateries are appropriate for families, groups, and couples looking for an unforgettable dining experience because they serve a varied clientele.

Q2. What kind of music might I anticipate?

Different restaurants have different musical tastes, such as jazz rhythms, Caribbean melodies, Latin beats, and more. See the schedule at each restaurant to see what kind of music you like.

Q3. Is a reservation required for live music events?

It is advised to make reservations, particularly on busy evenings. Making a reservation in advance guarantees you a place to take in the delicious food and music.

Q4. Do these restaurants allow dancing?

Of course! There are dance floors or large areas available in many of these places where you can groove to live music. Joining the dance party is highly recommended!

Q5. Do these eateries have vegan or vegetarian options?

Yes, a wide range of menu alternatives, including vegetarian and vegan dishes, are available at the majority of these establishments. See their menus for further information.

In summary:

At these excellent restaurants, Miami’s culinary world comes to life with a symphony of flavours and melodies. All types of music lovers can enjoy something different at each venue, whether it’s the calming tones of jazz or the frantic pulses of Latin music. Discovering these places, whether you’re a native or just visiting, will surely leave you with priceless memories of mouthwatering food and great entertainment. So, get your loved ones together and treat them to a culinary adventure that will include delicious food, lively music, and even better companionship.

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