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Miami is a waterfront city located on the Atlantic Ocean. This city with clear skies and warm weather offers great diving sites. Its beautiful sandy beaches with crystal clear water attracts visitors from all over the globe. If you are looking for a heart pumping adventure plunge yourself in the magic of this oasis. People can indulge themselves into one of the exciting water sport activities like Jet Ski in Miami.

Cruising through the massive water waves is the Fun Things to do in Florida in 2023. Riding through Biscayne Bay with calm waters and small waves is the best option for beginners. Immerse yourself in Miami Beach and cruise along the Biscayne Bay with astonishing skyline views. Zipping along Miami’s waterways on a jet ski will be the best experience you will ever have.

Top 5 Best Jet Ski  Miami

If you have been on the lookout for something exciting then Jet Ski in Miami is the best option. Here is a list of Top Best 5 Jet Ski in Miami.

Hector’s Jet Ski Tours

Hector’s Jet Ski Tours offer unique, thrilling and unforgettable ride adventures. They let you ride jet skis on the beautiful waters of Miami with a friendly guide. You get to explore cool places like Star Island and see amazing views of the city. It’s perfect for families and friends looking for an exciting adventure on the water. 

Jet Ski  Miami

This rental service offers several good jet skis for rent in their fleet. There are multiple options for riding a jet ski. Riders can see Miami’s famous attractions from water including Venetian Island, Sandbar, Key Biscayne, Fisher Island, downtown and Millionaire’s Row.

It promises a breathtaking experience as you glide through Miami’s beautiful waters. Each watercraft can accommodate up to two people. Hector’s Jet Ski Tours can cost $150 per watercraft for one hour and two hour outings cost approximately $180.

Jet Ski in Biscayne Bay

Jet skiing in Biscayne Bay is a thrilling experience that lets you cruise along the stunning waters of this bay located in Miami, Florida. Biscayne Bay is known for its clear blue waters and breathtaking views of the Miami skyline and nearby islands. Biscayne Bay is a tropical lagoon located on the Atlantic coast. It is approximately 56 km long and up to 13 km wide with a surface area of 221 square miles.

This place provides a multitude of recreational opportunities for adventure lovers including Jet Ski in Miami. You can glide through the waves under the shining sun. Bounce over the waves to get some height to reach for the stars. Visitors can enjoy a different view of the city skyline with jet ski rental.

Many rental companies in Miami offer jet ski tours and rentals for exploring Biscayne Bay, making it an exciting way to enjoy the beauty of this coastal area. Just make sure to follow safety guidelines and enjoy the ride responsibly for a memorable aquatic adventure.

Jet Boat Miami

Jet Boat Miami is one of the best places to ride Jet Ski in Miami. It is well eminent for its exciting jet ski tours. Their exclusive jet ski fleet features some of the modern and popular watercraft. People can take guided tours as well as jet ski rentals. You hop on a speedy boat that zips and spins through the waves while you take in amazing sights like fancy houses and cool ships. 

Jet Ski  Miami

You can take one hour and fifteen minute tour to view the luxurious homes of Downtown Miami and South Beach. Jet Boat Miami ensures the safety of riders and offers exclusive training on land and in water.

Friendly guides tell you fun stories about Miami as you cruise along. It’s like an action-packed adventure for everyone to enjoy. Just listen to the safety rules, hold on tight, and get ready for a wild ride!

Watersports Paradise

Enjoy Miami’s water and  sun with an exciting jet ski adventure. Water-sports Paradise is a jet ski rental service. It is located in Miami Beach Marina. This company features jet ski tours, boat tours, tubing sessions, water ski lessons and wakeboarding. There are different models of jet skis for rent. Hope on a high speed jet ski and witness the beautiful scenery of Miami with your guide.

Watersports Paradise is like a super fun playground in the water! It’s a place where you can try all sorts of cool activities like jet skiing, paddleboarding, and even riding on big inflatable tubes pulled by a boat.

Imagine gliding on the water with your friends, trying to stay balanced on a board, or laughing as you bounce on a tube. Watersports Paradise is where you can have a blast in the sun and make awesome memories. So, put on your swimsuit, grab some sunscreen, and get ready for a day of watery fun!

Jet Ski Tours of Miami

This company is famous for its jet ski tours and offers three different guided tours and rentals. Jet Ski Tours of Miami take visitors to sites such as Star Island, the Venetian Islands and Palm Islands. Guided tours operate daily and last for one hour. It also includes extra leisure time spent on swimming and snorkeling along a coral reef.

Jet Ski  Miami

Jet Ski Tours of Miami are like awesome guided adventures on speedy water motorcycles! You get to hop on a jet ski and follow a friendly guide who shows you cool places in Miami. You’ll zoom around the water, see famous spots like fancy houses, and maybe even spot dolphins. It’s like a super fun sightseeing trip on the water. Just wear your life jacket, listen to the guide, and get ready for a big splash of excitement


Miami is a one stop shop for all fun and water-sports lovers. One of the most stirring things to do with friends is Jet Ski in Miami. Splashing through the city’s beautiful open waters at high speed is one of the most thrilling Things to do in Miami. Ride solo at a large riding zone to race across the water waves as fast as you can. It is an excellent water oriented group activity that you will ever experience.

There are multiple jet ski rentals that offer adventurous rides at different durations with different prices. Visitors hoping to learn more about Miami can schedule a narrated tour with jet ski rentals. Zip over the waves of Miami’s water and grab exciting memories to cherish forever. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is jet skiing a fun activity to do in Miami ?

Jet skiing is a water based fun activity. You can spend some quality time with friends or family splashing through the water. Feel adrenaline thrill while over the waves on your jet ski and catching sun and beautiful skyline views.

How much does a jet ski cost in Miami?

Jet ski tours in Miami depend upon duration and type. It can cost around 200$ for an hour and a half ride. Different jet ski rentals offer different prices with two or three people per jet ski.

Does anyone in Miami need a license to drive a jet ski?

Anyone born on or after January 01/01/1988 is required by law to have a boater safety license in their hands along with government issued ID. By having this license one can operate a personal watercraft in Miami.

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