Best Healthy Restaurants in Miami for a Wholesome Dining Experience

As we step into a new year, the urge to embrace healthier habits and make mindful choices becomes more pronounced. This guide is your gateway to exploring the best healthy restaurants in Miami, offering a variety of options to suit your post-workout cravings, solo lunches, brunches with friends, casual date nights, and more. We’ve curated a list of eateries that not only prioritize health but also offer delectable options to satisfy your taste buds.

Taste the Freshness: Healthy Restaurants in Miami to Satisfy Your Cravings

lets start exploring Healthy Restaurants in Miami

1. Carrot Express: Fuel Your Day Right

If you’re in Miami and need a quick, wholesome lunch, Carrot Express is the local gem to visit. Known for its extensive menu, this restaurant is perfect for pick-up, delivery, or a satisfying solo meal. From breakfast delights to salads, power bowls, and even healthy burgers, the menu is a paradise for health-conscious diners. A must-try is their lentil and kale soup, perfect for Miami’s “chilly” days.

  • Location: Various Locations
  • Good for: Quick, healthy lunch; post-workout meal
  • Famous Dish: Healthy burger bowl, vegan picadillo bowl

Why Visit: Carrot Express is a local gem, serving an extensive menu including wraps, salads, power bowls, and more. Their lentil and kale soup is a must-try, perfect for Miami’s “chilly” days.


2. Manna Life Food: Superfood Haven

Manna Life Food boasts a menu that’s a celebration of superfoods, all sourced locally and plant-based. With offerings like spirulina, chlorella, maca, and goji berries, every dish is an organic delight, free from gluten, artificial flavors, and refined sugars. Try their superfood arepas made from organic yellow corn, chia, flax seeds, and more. A stop here ensures you nourish your body and your taste buds.

  • Location: 80 NE 2nd Ave, Downtown
  • Good for: Locally sourced, plant-based superfoods
  • Famous Dish: Superfood arepa with veggies and pesto, carrot basil soup

Why Visit: Manna Life Food offers a menu rich in organic, gluten-free, and additive-free options. Indulge in nutrient-packed dishes like the superfood arepas and soul-warming soups.

3. Ojo de Agua: A Mexican Twist to Health

Indulge your Mexican food cravings guilt-free at Ojo de Agua. This healthy Mexican concept arrived in Miami in 2021, offering all-day breakfast, smoothies, tacos, ceviches, and sandwiches. The Polanco eggs and grilled fish tacos are exceptional, combining flavor with nutrition. Whether it’s brunch or a post-gym meal, Ojo de Agua promises a delectable experience.

  • Location: 851 S Miami Ave, Brickell
  • Good for: Healthy Mexican cuisine; brunch or post-workout meal
  • Famous Dish: Polanco eggs, grilled fish tacos marinated with chimichurri

Why Visit: Craving Mexican food without the guilt? Ojo de Agua’s fresh and wholesome take on Mexican classics will satisfy your taste buds. Don’t miss their unique Polanco eggs and flavorful tacos.

4. Sano Food South Miami: Wholesome Innovations

Sano Food South Miami is your go-to destination for guilt-free indulgence in arepas and tequeños. Embracing innovation, they’ve reimagined their arepa base with healthier substitutes like spinach, beet, plantain, quinoa, and yucca. Don’t miss their Spinach base reina pepeiada arepa and plantain tequeños—a treat that won’t compromise your health goals.

  • Location: 7209 SW 59th Ave, South Miami
  • Good for: Arepas and tequeños with a healthy twist
  • Famous Dish: Spinach base reina pepiada arepa, plantain tequeños

Why Visit: Sano Food South Miami introduces a healthier spin on arepas and tequeños, using innovative bases like spinach and plantain. Perfect for a guilt-free indulgence.

5. The Plantisserie: A Plant-Based Delight

Step into The Plantisserie for an organic, plant-based journey. This all-organic deli and market offer a vegan menu bursting with flavor. Indulge in their mushroom makhani and gluten-free passion fruit cheesecake. With a lush garden and cozy interiors, it’s an ideal spot to work, dine, and unwind.

  • Location: 7316 NE 2nd Ave, Little River
  • Good for: Plant-based, organic deli experience
  • Famous Dish: Mushroom makhani, gluten-free passion fruit cheesecake

Why Visit: The Plantisserie offers a fully vegan menu bursting with flavor. Their mushroom makhani and gluten-free passion fruit cheesecake showcase their commitment to quality ingredients.

6. Under the Mango Tree: Açaí Paradise

Under the Mango Tree is your classic Miami Beach destination for incredible açai bowls. The cozy spot is adorned with a mango tree and offers not only a variety of bowls but also an eco-friendly approach. Try their Chocolate açai bowl for a delightful treat packed with antioxidants.

  • Location: 737 5th St, Miami Beach
  • Good for: Acai bowl lovers; energizing start to the day
  • Famous Dish: Chocolate acai bowl blended with raw organic cacao

Why Visit: Enjoy one of the most amazing acai bowls under a mango tree. Their chocolate acai bowl is a treat that’s both delicious and invigorating.

7. Thatch Miami: A Pretty Vegetarian Haven

Thatch Miami offers a delightful vegetarian/vegan experience. While their dine-in services are temporarily closed, their market is open for counter ordering and takeout. Dive into their Avocado toast, Peanut butter buzz smoothie, and mushroom truffle pizza while enjoying the vibrant patio ambiance.

  • Location: 83255 NE 1st Ave, Midtown
  • Good for: Vegetarian and vegan options; breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Famous Dish: Avocado toast with radish, peanut butter buzz smoothie

Why Visit: Thatch Miami is a paradise for vegetarians and vegans. Indulge in their colorful dishes like avocado toast and innovative smoothies.

8. Lilikoi Organic Living: Organic Beachy Vibes

Lilikoi Organic Living stands out for its menu rooted in organic, locally grown produce. Enjoy gluten-free quinoa waffles, chicken and brie sandwich, or kale caesar while embracing the beachy chic vibe created by the owners, Manuel and Tina Torterola.

  • Location: 500 South Pointe Dr #180, Miami Beach
  • Good for: Organic, locally grown produce; breakfast, brunch, gourmet dishes
  • Famous Dish: Gluten-free quinoa waffles, chicken and brie sandwich

Why Visit: Lilikoi Organic Living offers a warm and welcoming beachy chic ambiance with dishes made from locally sourced, organic ingredients.

9. Fresh Fusion: Vibrant and Nutritious

  • Address: 1000 South Miami Ave, Miami

Fresh Fusion seamlessly blends vibrant flavors and nutritional benefits. Their dishes are thoughtfully crafted to offer wholesome goodness without sacrificing taste. Dive into their Mediterranean salad or indulge in a power-packed quinoa bowl for a truly nourishing experience.

10. Nourish Miami: Elevate Your Palate

  • Address: 17901 NW 5th St #106, Miami

Nourish Miami brings culinary artistry to health-focused dining. Elevate your dining experience with their range of inventive dishes, from nutrient-rich salads to delectable grain bowls. Their Broccoli Crunch salad and Sweet Potato Black Bean Bowl are must-tries.


Miami’s healthy dining scene has something for everyone, whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a foodie exploring new tastes, or someone on a quest for mindful nourishment. With these top 10 restaurants, you can embark on a culinary journey that’s delicious, satisfying, and aligned with your health goals. Explore the vibrant flavors, nutrient-packed dishes, and inviting atmospheres for an unforgettable dining experience that caters to your well-being.


Q1: What makes these restaurants stand out?

A1: These restaurants excel in offering a diverse range of flavorful, healthy options that cater to various dietary preferences and lifestyles.

Q2: Are these restaurants suitable for special occasions?

A2: Absolutely! Some of these restaurants offer elegant and gourmet dining experiences, making them perfect for special occasions or romantic dinners.

Q3: Do these restaurants offer vegan and gluten-free options?

A3: Yes, many of these establishments prioritize offering vegan, gluten-free, and organic options to accommodate different dietary needs.

Q4: Can I find unique dishes at these restaurants?

A4: Definitely! Each restaurant presents its unique creations, from innovative arepas to flavorful plant-based pizzas and desserts.

Q5: Are these restaurants family-friendly?

A5: Absolutely! Many of these eateries offer a welcoming atmosphere suitable for families and groups.


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