The Ultimate Guide to the Best Greek Restaurants in Miami


If you’re in the vibrant city of Miami and craving a taste of Greece, you’re in for a treat. Miami boasts an array of exceptional Greek restaurants that offer authentic Mediterranean flavors. From savory Gyros to mouthwatering Baklava, these restaurants have it all. In this guide, we’ll take you on a culinary journey through the top 10 Greek restaurants in Miami, ensuring you savor every moment. Let’s dive into the world of Greek cuisine and discover the best places to satisfy your cravings.

1. Nostimo Greek Kitchen

  • Location: 70 Northwest 24th Street, Miami
  • Good for: Authentic Mediterranean comfort food
  • Famous Dish: Lamb Souvlaki and Homemade Baklava
  • Why visit: Generous portions, traditional pita bread, and a warm, inviting atmosphere.
  • Cuisine: Greek and Mediterranean

Experience Greece in Miami: At Nostimo Greek Kitchen, you’ll find Mediterranean comfort food at its finest. The menu includes generous portions of Lamb Souvlaki, Chicken Gyros, and more. Don’t miss their Homemade Baklava for dessert.

2. Mandolin Aegean Bistro

  • Location: 4312 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami
  • Good for: A taste of the Aegean in South Florida
  • Famous Dish: Meze Greek Sampler and Lamb Chops
  • Why visit: Fresh, seasonal ingredients, charming outdoor seating, and a blend of Greek and Turkish flavors.
  • Cuisine: Greek and Turkish

An Aegean Escape: Mandolin Aegean Bistro captures the essence of the Aegean region in South Florida. With a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients, they offer classic Greek and Turkish dishes with a contemporary twist. Try the Meze Greek Sampler and Lamb Chops for an unforgettable experience.

3. Santorini by Georgios

  • Location: Ocean Drive, Miami
  • Good for: Authentic Greek dining with stunning ocean views
  • Famous Dish: Grilled Octopus and Moussaka Fusion
  • Why visit: Breathtaking atmosphere, perfect for romantic dinners or celebratory brunches.
  • Cuisine: Greek and Mediterranean

An Island Getaway: Santorini by Georgios transports you to a stunning island getaway with its breathtaking ocean views and authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Savor Grilled Octopus and Moussaka Fusion while soaking in the charming decor.

4. Mykonos Miami

  • Location: 1201 Coral Way, Miami
  • Good for: Transporting diners to the beautiful islands of Greece
  • Famous Dish: Mykonos Poikilia for 2 and Chicken Souvlaki
  • Why visit: Beautiful decor, extensive menu, and mouthwatering desserts.
  • Cuisine: Greek

Beautiful Greek Decor: Mykonos Miami’s beautiful white and blue decor will transport you to the Greek islands. Indulge in their signature Mykonos Poikilia for 2 and the mouthwatering Chicken Souvlaki.

5. Eat Greek

  • Location: Brickell Avenue, Miami
  • Good for: Mouthwatering Greek dishes from gyros to Spanakopita
  • Famous Dish: Gyros and Baklava
  • Why visit: Authentic flavors and a variety of traditional Greek desserts.
  • Cuisine: Greek and Mediterranean

Mouth-Watering Dishes: Eat Greek on Brickell Avenue offers a wide range of dishes, from traditional Gyros to juicy Souvlaki. Their authentic desserts like Baklava and Loukoumades are a must-try.

6. Pega Grill

  • Location: Flagler Street, Miami
  • Good for: Mediterranean cuisine with a Greek flair
  • Famous Dish: Lamb Chops and Grilled Octopus
  • Why visit: Specials that steal the show and a cozy atmosphere.
  • Cuisine: Greek and Mediterranean

Greek Flair in Miami: Pega Grill on Flagler Street brings Mediterranean cuisine with a Greek flair to Miami. Explore traditional favorites like Gyros and Souvlaki, and be sure to check out their specials, like succulent Lamb Chops.

7. Poseidon Greek

  • Location: Washington Avenue, Miami
  • Good for: Traditional Greek dishes and fresh seafood
  • Famous Dish: Traditional Moussaka and Spanakopita
  • Why visit: Stunning decor inspired by the Mediterranean.
  • Cuisine: Greek and Mediterranean

Greek Mythology and Cuisine: Poseidon Greek on Washington Avenue offers delicious Traditional Moussaka and Spanakopita. The stunning decor with intricate tile work evokes the spirit of the Mediterranean.

8. Meraki Greek Bistro

  • Location: SE 1st Avenue, Miami
  • Good for: A Mediterranean dining experience
  • Famous Dish: Keftedes and Mykonos Seafood platter
  • Why visit: Cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, and delectable desserts.
  • Cuisine: Greek and Mediterranean

Feel the Mediterranean: Meraki Greek Bistro embodies the spirit of Greece with its charming decor and delicious, fresh ingredients. Try their signature Keftedes and chargrilled Lamb Chops. Save room for Baklava!

9. Maria’s Greek Restaurant

  • Location: Coral Way, Miami
  • Good for: Authentic Greek cuisine
  • Famous Dish: Avgolemono and Grilled Branzino
  • Why visit: Friendly ambiance, generous portions, and exceptional service.
  • Cuisine: Greek

A Hidden Gem: Established in 1982, Maria’s Greek Restaurant is a hidden gem for authentic Greek cuisine. Enjoy mouthwatering Avgolemono soup and Grilled Branzino in a friendly ambiance.

10. My Little Greek Deli

  • Location: Westward Drive, Miami Springs
  • Good for: Authentic Greek dishes in a cozy setting
  • Famous Dish: Dolmades and Spanakopita
  • Why visit: Transporting decor and a menu featuring fresh ingredients.
  • Cuisine: Greek

Authentic Greek Delights: My Little Greek Deli in Miami Springs offers a delightful experience with dishes like Dolmades, Fried Calamari, and classic Greek favorites. Their authentic decor and aromas will transport you to Greece.


What is the best Greek restaurant in Miami?

While preferences vary, Nostimo Greek Kitchen and Mandolin Aegean Bistro often top the list.

What should I try at a Greek restaurant?

Start with classic appetizers like Keftedes and enjoy entrees like Lamb Souvlaki or Chicken Gyros. Don’t forget to savor traditional desserts like Baklava.

Are these restaurants family-friendly?

Yes, most of these restaurants offer family-friendly atmospheres, making them perfect for dining with loved ones.


Miami’s best Greek restaurants offer an authentic taste of Greece right in the heart of the city. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor looking for a memorable dining experience, these restaurants have something to offer. From traditional Greek favorites to unique twists on Mediterranean cuisine, each establishment delivers an unforgettable culinary journey. So, don’t wait – come and explore the best of Greek dining in Miami today and satisfy your craving for delicious Mediterranean flavors.

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