Top Birthday Restaurants in Miami: Memorable Celebrations

Miami is always a popular destination for celebrating special events like birthday parties and wedding anniversaries. This city with its beautiful beaches, colorful architecture, vibrant nightlife with live cool music and world class restaurants is an ideal place to celebrate your birthday. From the historic art deco district to the Biscayne Bay market area. From South Beach to the chic Brickell area Miami has something extraordinary for everyone. There are various cozy restaurants offering a wide range of cuisines including Cuban, Asian and Italian.

Best Birthday Restaurants in Miami

It\’s your birthday and you are looking for some magic which only happens in the magical city. Miami offers stunning sandy beaches with clear skies and cool breeze. Its beautiful typography offers a surfeit of restaurants serving different cuisines from all over the globe. Best Birthday Restaurants in Miami will make your day memorable with their extraordinary interior and mouth watering dishes.

Top 3 Best Birthday Restaurants in Miami

If you are looking for great restaurants in Miami to celebrate birthdays, food and drink then you are in the right spot. Here is a composed list of Top 3 Best Birthday Restaurants in Miami.

  • 27 Restaurant & Bar at Freehand Miami


Located in the former Center for Tropical Affairs space in Little River is one of the Best Birthday Restaurants in Miami. It is an outdoor music venue and urban garden huddle in Little River. This restaurant feels like a jungle with lush green settings, hidden nooks, picnic tables and live music. Understory features curated food and special beverage concepts by the Jaguar Sun team. This outdoor bar & event space works for many time types of plans.

It is really helpful for a big birthday group where you don’t have to worry about splitting the bill between the group members. Understory also offers various cultural programmes including dance classes, yoga classes and figure drawing classes. It also features extensive music like weekly live jazz nights from wednesday to friday.


Whether you love group trips or hanging on with your secret love JOLIET is one the Best Birthday Restaurants in Miami. JOLIET is a neighborhood seafood bistro and garden located in South Beach Miami. If you are looking for a seafood dinner for your birthday then this restaurant is the perfect choice. Coalescing the salty profile of the Atlantic Ocean breeze and alluring food of Gulf’s Cajun and low country flavors are the beautiful traits of this beautiful restaurant. This restaurant features sweet, savory, profound and bold Cajun flavors found in New Orleans cuisine.

Best Birthday Restaurants in Miami

Happy friends group celebrating festival

Its exclusive seafood menu by chef Juan Garrido has a variety of appetizers and large platters to share. Guests can begin the meal with appetizers such as oyster joliet, fried oysters and barbecue prawns. In addition to this you can also taste toasted toast baguette, garlic butter, wagyu steak tartare and parmesan. Platters which can be shared at the table feature choices such as broiled lobster and grilled pork chops. Give savory flavor to your taste buds by trying jambalaya which is made with amalgamation of grilled king crab, roasted chicken, gold rice and various seasonings. This New Orleans inspired spot also offers an adequate raw bar with varieties of oysters served on hand and cocktails.

27 Restaurant & Bar at Freehand Miami

This Best Birthday Restaurants in Miami is nestled in a restored 1930s house abutting the arcade of Freehand Miami hotel. 27 Restaurant & Bar at Freehand Miami is a vintage space designed by Roman & Williams. This full service restaurant and bar focuses on a communal dining atmosphere. Its spacious covered courtyard furnished with mismatched metal tables and colorful chairs appeals to the eyes of guests. Service throughout is casual yet affable. Whether you’re hosting an intimate birthday dinner with your love or a corporate happy hour for your team this eclectic and unique space tailored to your needs.

Their innovative private and semi private venues are perfect to host unique birthday gatherings. This picturesque spot in Miami serves global inspired American fare & cocktails. 27 Restaurant & Bar has the creative essence of modern day premises utilizing freshest local ingredients. Dinners can have exclusive meals like smoked short rib, skirt steak, 27 burger, kimchi fried rice, pikliz and dessert as halva brownie topped with date syrup and yogurt ice cream.


Miami is an ideal spot to celebrate your birthday with so many tourist attractions. With its colorful nightlife, world class restaurants and staggering beaches Miami is heaven to celebrate your special occasions. There are many Best Birthday Restaurants in Miami with amazing food and drink options.

Best Birthday Restaurants in Miami

From classic Cuban restaurants to modern bars there are plenty of places to celebrate your birthday. Restaurants with deluxe interior offer different meal packages. There are plenty of food options from Cuban to Asian and American ones. So book one of these amazing restaurants in Miami and get ready to celebrate with birthday gifts. If you are looking for cheap hotels we have that too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the famous birthday restaurants in Miami?

There are several famous restaurants in Miami. Some of them are given below:

  • Jaya at the Setai
  • Phuc Yea
  • Forte dei Marmi
  • Marion
  • Doya

What fun activities should I do on my birthday in Miami?

There are many fun Things to do in Miami. Here is a list of fun activities to do on your birthday.

  • Indulge in food and Wine at one of the amazing restaurant
  • Watch a Movie With friends
  • Cook your Own birthday feast for friends
  • You can do Salsa Dancing
  • Take a sunset cruise in Miami waters

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