Art Deco District

1001 Ocean Drive Miami Beach, FL 33119

Phone: 305.531.3484

Type: Sight

Art Deco is an architecture of the 1920’s and 30’s. During that period, this style was displayed at trade shows, expos and fairs, including the 1925 Paris Exposition. In South Beach, you’ll find the Art Deco District along Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue and Washington Avenue, from about 6th Street to 23rd Street. The buildings are colorful – some refer to the colors as “ice-cream pastels” – and include intricate detail. Active restoration efforts have revived the Art Deco District. The Miami Design Preservation League was successful in the fight to designate the area a National Historic District. This League runs the Art Deco Welcome Center, where you can find books, maps, souvenirs and fine gifts related to the Art Deco District. The League also offers a self-guided tour and a number of tours guided by local historians and architects (English, Spanish and German). You are sure to find the tour best for you – choose from walking, biking and boat tours.

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