5 Star Restaurants in Miami: Exquisite Cuisine and Luxurious Dining

Miami features a wide variety of delicious cuisines from around the globe including Caribbean, Latin America and Asian. This city is home to world class restaurants with trendy food options from celebrity chefs. 5 Star Restaurants in Miami include unique dishes from steaks to lobsters and much more. From hot restaurants led by celebrity chefs to stupendous food festivals there’s much more to see in Miami. Explore the culinary journey of Miami from Little Havana to Little Haiti and beyond.

The 5 Star Restaurants in Miami offer a unique interior with fancy dining rooms, luxurious lounges, and terraces with the best views of city skyline and Miami river. Some restaurants in Miami offer Cuban cuisines including beef picadillo empanadas, Cuban coffee, mamey smoothies and homemade ice cream. You can enjoy a classic Cuban sandwich, Peruvian ceviche or Haitian griot pork stew as well.

Top 4 Best 5 Star Restaurants in Miami

If you wanna try some delicious food in Miami with comfort and luxury, then you are in luck. We have compiled a list of top 4 best 5 Star Restaurants in Miami.

  • Zuma
  • NAOE
  • Matador Room
  • Swan & Bar Bevy


Located in the heart of downtown Miami Zuma is a luxurious and expensive restaurant. Zuma first opened its door to the public of London in 2002. This is one of best 5 Star Restaurants in Miami offering chef Rainer Becker’s internationally acclaimed style of modern Japanese izakaya dining. Its luxurious architecture offers a main dining area, beautiful lounge, waterfront terrace and sake bar. Now it brings its unique flavored dishes to the visitors and residents in Miami. It is home to three kitchens: main kitchen, robata grill and sushi counter.

Water edge outdoor terrace offers a great opportunity to dine while watching the Miami river. There is also a boat facility and bay side entrance at this restaurant. Open flamed robata grill and sushi counter with nigiri, sashimi and maki sushi will take your hunger away. Here you can choose donburi signature entrées, sushi and carefully crafted starters. Take a look into a selection of the restaurant’s best dishes including wagyu beef sushi, maki rolls, snacks, soups, tuna sashimi and omakase.

Matador Room

Matador Room is another fancy restaurant in Miami. This glorious restaurant menus include Spanish, Caribbean, South and Latin American delicious cuisines. In 1950 chef Jean Georges Vongerichten opened this iconic restaurant by taking inspiration from the rich Miami history. Glamorous interior of this restaurant attracts people from all over the world. Its unique atmosphere is ideal for couples and intimate encounters.

Italian Restaurants in Miami

Guests can expect seasonal ingredients from local artisans arranged on small and large plates. Their continuously changing menu includes famous dishes like masa, Iberico ham, pizzas and tortillas. There are also a variety of grilled and roasted dishes such as Maine lobster and 32 ounce prime aged ribeye. Charcuterie cheese boards, caviar with créme fraiche and chives are also some of the famous dishes served in this restaurant.


This small and mighty NAOE is a consistent earner of Forbes’ Five Star rating. Located on Brickell Key near Downtown Miami it is an exclusive 12 seat Japanese restaurant. Owner Kevin Cory and manager Wendy Maharlika will give you a special treatment like guests in their own home. Manager Maharlika holds down the dining room which has luxurious cypress wood bar seating. Here friendly staff greet guests by their name and offer their personalized menus.
Guests can watch each omakase delicacy, pristine and tender sushi being prepared in an open kitchen by sitting in the front row.

Chef Kevin Cory serves a delicious nocturnal tasting menu to only eight customers at a time. So reservations should be made in advance. Here the seafood menu changes on daily bases from the bento box to each artfully crafted nigiri and dessert. Sweet and toothy homemade barbecue eel topped with chef’s own special soy sauce will give a unique experience to your taste buds. All the fresh ingredients are brought from Japan or from local catch of the day.

Swan & Bar Bevy

Located in Miami’s Design District Swan & Bar Bevy is one of the best 5 Star Restaurants in Miami offering both inside and outside dining. This restaurant is owned by David Grutman and musical artist Pharrell Williams. They use locally produced fresh seasonal ingredients with bold flavors to give truly new experience to their dinners.

Bartender making cocktail

Their exclusive all-day menu offers brunch, dinner and desserts with signature cocktails. You can dine on a variety of dishes including swan caesar, snapper ceviche, lobster cavatelli and burrata. In addition to food this restaurant is famous for its opulent interior and atmosphere. Outdoor courtyard is swathed with beautiful palm trees while its deluxe lounges are perfect for cocktails parties.


There are number of 5 Star Restaurants in Miami with different food options and prices. Miami’s multicultural population brought diverse cuisine to this city including Latin American and cuban. The Restaurant’s splendid interior with beautiful views of city skyscrapers and Miami river will blow your mind. With a beautiful dining landscape that offers upscale seafood, Cuban cuisine, churrasco and ultra high end bars serving signature cocktails. Miami has something special for everyone.

Frequently asked questions

What are the most iconic dishes of Miami?

The most iconic dish of Miami is churrasco which is actually a grilled steak served with a chimichurri sauce. Other famous Miami dishes are:

  • Lobster
  • Cuban sandwich
  • Arepas
  • Fried snapper
  • Ceviche
  • Mofongo

Is Miami expensive for food?

Meal prices in Miami can vary depending upon the restaurants and food choices. Average cost of a meal is $41 per day. Dining can cost around $17 per person. The Price of breakfast is a little cheaper than lunch and dinner.

Is Miami a food capital?

Miami offers diverse food scenes with a multicultural population including American, Caribbean and Latin American. There are plenty of seafood options along with tropical fruits. Miami Visitor Industry Report showed a 50% increase in food tourism in 2021. Michelin Guide awarded new stars to some of the city’s favorite restaurants, local restaurants, chefs and bakeries. Which gives Miami the title “America’s Hottest Dining Scene.”

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