Jai Alai

3500 N.W. 37th Avenue
Miami, FL 33142


Type: Gaming

Jai Alai Picture

Jai-Alai means "Merry Festival" in the Basque language. Professional Jai-Alai in America originated at the Miami Fronton. Over three centuries ago, in the Basque area of Spain's Pyrenees Mountains, Pelota Vasca (Basque Ball) developed. Some games were played at festivals and were called Jai-Alai (Merry Festival). The most daring of these games (Cesta Punta) evolved into the game you see in America. It is the world's fastest ball game. Jai-Alai came to Cuba from Spain in 1898, and was successfully introduced as a professional game at the Miami Fronton in 1926. Miami Jai-Alai offers astounding jai-alai action all year round. Miami Jai-Alai is owned and operated by the Florida Gaming Corporation, which is the largest Jai-Alai operator in the world. It has a 75-year history of providing the most intense level of competition in the sport of jai alai. Its current fronton capacity is 6,500. Miami Jai-Alai is located at 3500 N.W. 37th Avenue, Miami, Florida and is located just 10 minutes from the Miami International Airport. It is home to some of the most dazzling players in the sport. Some of its top players are Rekalde, Irastorza, Lopetegui, Elgueta, Mendieta, Ander, Mouhica and Jabi.

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